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The Legend of Blacksilver

aka: LoB


The Legend of Blacksilver is the sequel to Legacy of the Ancients and uses a similar but refined interface.

In a dream, Princess Aylea, appears to you and tells you that Baron Taragas has found Blacksilver, an immensely powerful artifact, in his mines and kidnapped her father King Durek, the king of all Bantross, before he could lead his army to attack Taragas. The noble wizard Seravol has sent her to find a hero who can rescue her father. She leaves you with the request to visit her brother, the prince, at the castle, and gives you a falcon feather that will prove that you were sent by her.

LoB is a one-person RPG. The interface is basically the same as in Legacy of the Ancients with all commands (speak, magic, fight, rob etc.), functions (inventory, armor etc.) and character-information (HP, food and Gold) displayed at the left side of the screen.

Combat is turn-based with different options for approaching the enemy. When you encounter a monster or human you can either "approach" (attack), "flee", "stalk" (which might give you the first attack but is not a good way to greet friendly NPCs), "wait" (the counterpart to the stalk command) or speak with them if they are human. You don't gain any experience from combat however. Instead, higher ranks can be gained at King Durek's castle for completed quests.

In towns you can buy items, spells and travelling equipment or earn money by gambling, putting it in the bank, selling items or taking on jobs and errands.

Castles contain treasures, useful items or helpful characters, but all castles (except King Durek's castle) are hostile and very dangerous.

Unlike the rest of the game, which is seen from a top-down perspective, dungeons, temples and archives are seen from a first person perspective.

Dungeons are large, sometimes labyrinthine, underground places filled with enemies and various traps.

In temples you can improve you characters attributes if you can reach a Gamemaster and beat him at his game. There is a total of three different games.

Beneath some of the temples you can find archives that contain different exhibits. These exhibits work similar to those found in the intergalactic museum in LoA. If you have the right gem, the exhibits can give you useful information, items or even serve as a gateway to far away places.

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Cancelled PC version

Quest Software was working on an IBM PC version when they went bankrupt.

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