Moby ID: 1905

[ Amiga ] [ DOS ]

DOS credits (1994)

39 people with 49 credits.

Graphics / Artwork
Acting / Voiceovers
Recorded at
  • Videosonix Ltd. Sound Studio; Camden - London
Post-production by
  • Reflex Interactive
Spanish translation
German Actors / Voiceovers
German Voice Engineering & Recording at
  • Basement-Audio-Studios; Frankfurt/Main
German Voice Engineering & Recording done by
  • Sunflowers Entertainment Software
Chief Sound Engineer
Asst. Sound Engineer
Sound Sample Driver
  • Creative Reality
Concept & Design
  • Creative Reality
Based on an idea by
German Project Lead
Audio Script
German Texts
German Diary Translation
Diary written by
German Manual Translation
Props. Designed by
Props. Production
Sound Conversion
  • Reflex Interactive
Script Coordinator
Best Boy
Key Grip
Creative Reality Represented by
Special FX
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Credits contributed by formercontrib, Randall Mage, Soulbreather.