The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror

aka: Os Simpsons: Noite dos Vivos-vivos – A Casa dos Horrores, The Simpsons: Night of the Living Tree House of Horror
Moby ID: 20604

Game Boy Color credits (2001)

45 people (41 professional roles, 4 thanks)


Produced by Trevor B
Lead Programmers Matt Green, James McKay, Danny Whelan
Lead Artist Martin Holland
Front End Programmer Mike Ager
Additional Art Andy Wilson, Andrea Lord, Chris Collins, Dawn Drake, Michael Smith
Level Design Simon Hundleby
Music & Sound Effects Suddi Raval
Q.A. Manager Graeme Ankers
QA Marc Bowden, Richard Brooks, Craig Betts, Ajay Dadlani
Project Management Jonathan D'Cruz

THQ are...

VP Product Development Michael Rubinelli
Executive Producer Scott Krager
Producer Jon Osborn
Assistant Producer Derek C. Smith
Director of QA Jeremy S. Barnes
Lead Tester Byron Guerrero
Testers Mike Korpi, Shaun Wharton, Emerson Escobar, Morgan Clark, Scott Mainster, Michael Dunn, Jeff Tatman, Michael Graham, Jeffrey Spierer
Simpsons Game Boy Producers Harish Rao, Michael Schneider, David Wisehart
In Game Text by Jamie Angell
Creative Consultants Matt Groening, Mili Smythe, Denise Sirkot
Special Thanks Jamie Samson, Danny Ruiz, Luke Letizia, Megan O'Brien
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