Disney's Aladdin

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Average score: 85% (based on 61 ratings)

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The Good
Although I dislike Disney's ridiculous tendency to merchandize everything, I must say that this game is as fun and professional as they get. Aladdin surprised me with terrific music conversions (uses MODs, so it's one of those few games that can be said that their music is as good as the Amiga version's) and great in-level music and graphics, a generally smooth control system and fairly clever level design.

Most importantly, the game doesn't capitalize on the Aladdin license in a way that will make you sick, but is rather a fairly pleasant platform game that is very fun to play.

The Bad
The game is quite repetitive, but changes often enough to keep the interest up. I guess the only bad thing about this game is the fact that it exists, another goal acheived in Disney's quest for world domination through merchandizing.

The Bottom Line
A professionally done game that's fun to play.

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4538) · 2000

Fun game with some hard levels

The Good
The game used a lot of stuff from the movie and other scenarios not shown. The controls are simple and the gameplay is fun. One of my favorite parts was making a camel spit by jumping on it.

The Bad
Lava escape scene when getting the lamp is difficult. If you die you have to start the whole game over, like many games back in the day.

Aladdin could not do much other than jump and swing his sword.

The Bottom Line
Excellent video game of a popular movie. Side-scrolling, action/adventure that builds on the fun of the movie.

Genesis · by John McClane (4) · 2009

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