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FIFA International Soccer

aka: EA Soccer, FIFA 94, FIFA International Soccer Championship Edition, FIS
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A useless conversion of an over-rated game

The Good
There are loads of options and loads of moves available, as well as a unique viewpoint which ensures that you can see lots of the action.

The Bad
The slow tempo of the original turned into downright sluggishness on the Amiga version, with the players lurching around and being pretty tricky to control. Football should be a fast, frantic end-to-end game - in this it takes ages for the ball to get anywhere.

There are loads of moves, but the animation of the players didn't depict them very well. What's more, the game has a habit of taking over your control at times, often making successful tackles and runs past opponents without your control. The assistance to your shooting makes it far too easy to get a shot on target - and the feeble nature of many of the goalkeepers means that you score too frequently.

Passing was almost impossible, with neither the natural one-touch system of Sensible Soccer, or any kind of challenging system, and it wasn't easy to beat opponents while running either. It all becomes a game of hit-and-hope pretty quickly.

The Bottom Line
For years, EA have churned out identikit versions of this license, with only 2 or 3 of them making significant gameplay alterations. Its excess popularity comes down to a) nice graphics and b) the fact that your moves look good even when you've had no effect on them, so it doesn't take much effort or skill.

Fortunately, the Amiga incarnation never went any further, while it's last version of Sensible World of Soccer was released in 1997. I doubt anyone ever considered whether an Amiga version was feasible - the only thought appears to have been "fumble it together, but make sure it's out for the Christmas money"

Amiga · by Martin Smith (81743) · 2005

An absolutely terrible game, with not even one good point...

The Good
Um.... Well.... Errr... Mmm... Umm... Well... Errr... Mmm.... NOTHING! OK, maybe the graphics are OK and are quite decent for the time.

But, if we look for anything apart from that... Umm... Well... Errr... Mmm....

Still Nothing.

This game is the worst sports game ever created for anything that handles games. Just HORRIBLE, just, the worst...

Now I'm gonna fill up the bad section, with umm... everything!

The Bad
Graphics: Well, I've always wondered how a player can kick a ball if his foot is in it... And how does a ball split into half when a player hits it with his head? And how do heads disappear of people, then magically come back? And how do goalposts almost completely stay still when the ball comes strongly into it?

Sound: WARNING: This game must be played with ALL speakers off... On a second though, this game must NOT be played at all...

And finally... Apart from the technical flaws, how can anyone enjoy this game, it's quite impossible actually! And finally, ONE tournament... I wonder, how anyone can play this!

The Bottom Line
AWFUL!!! SIMPLY AWFUL, unless you like horrible things... I'm sure this game has many fans, many brainwashed fans.


A final word: EA Sports is excellent, and the other FIFA games starting from 96 to the latest 2002 are just excellent, that's all I have to say... EA created one catastrophe while it created hundreds of miracles. WAY TO GO ELECTRONIC ARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOS · by Jim Fun (207) · 2002

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