Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter

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See him walking to you on the cover? That's a bad sign.

The Good
This game did have some pleasing visuals, and that's giving it some credit. Some is grainy, but otherwise things look decent. Enemy AI is pretty simple, but sometimes can provide a challenge.

Weapons are fun to play with, and each have positives and negatives. Most of them have nice look and feel to them, and are probably the best thing about this... bad game.

The Bad
Well, the AI like I said before is just... simple. The bad-guys suck at life itself. They can't aim, can't shoot, can't dodge, can't survive. Some provide a worthy challenge when they're grouped, but other than that... pffft.

The game itself is one giant glitch. Here's an example. You land in the port of a ship in space, and get out of your ship. You whip out your gun, and pick off the silly-looking people with plasma tv screens for faces. Normally you'd go into the next area, right? I like to explore every aspect of the game, doing whatever I can. I go back into my ship, and into the cockpit. Next thing I see is three of the tv guys walking in place, not moving. I enter the pilot's seat and start shooting at them, they bleed a lot, but never die. Dissatisfied, I got out and pulled out my heaviest weapon and unleashed every round. Nothing. I tried leaving the area, and the doors wouldn't open and I was screwed. I reloaded my save and continued. Many, MANY glitches throughout the game, pissing me off pretty bad, but after getting through them, it was almost a pleasant experience.

The Bottom Line
A glitchy sci-fi game where you fight a wide variety of enemies with a slick arsenal, but the glitches really, REALLY killed the game. Definite rent, buy if desperate enough.

Xbox · by Kain Ceverus (30) · 2007

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