Metroid Prime: Hunters

aka: Metroid Prime: Hunters - First Hunt
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Nintendo DS credits (2006)

72 people (56 professional roles, 16 thanks) with 80 credits.

Nintendo Software Technology Corporation

Game Director
Project Coordination
Single-Player Game Design
Wi-Fi Game Design
Multiplayer Game Design
Technical Programming Lead
Programming Lead
AI Programming
Enemy Programming
Audio Programming
Network / Multiplayer Programming
Additional Programming
Tools Department Lead
World Editor Tool
Menu Tool
Art Director
Special Effects
Environment Lead
Environment Art
Environment / Game Objects
Animation Lead
Character Modeling
UI Design / Art
Promotional Art
In-Game Camera Sequences
Sound Design / Music / Voice
Special Thanks

Nintendo Company, Ltd.

Executive Producer
Special Thanks
  • Retro Studios
  • Super Mario Club
  • PolyAssets United Inc.

Nintendo Of America

Senior Product Specialist
Vice President, Engineering
Director of Product Testing
Product Testing Sr. Manager
Product Testing Manager
Product Testing Supervisors
Bilingual Product Tester
Text Editing
Product Testers
Senior Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Special Thanks

Nintendo Of Europe

Testing Coordinator
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