Darklight Conflict

Moby ID: 2389

[ DOS ] [ PlayStation ] [ SEGA Saturn ]

DOS credits (1997)

70 people (55 professional roles, 15 thanks) with 73 credits.

Programming Mark Lyhane, Colin Parrott
Game Art Paula Cain, Steven Cain, John Guerin, Gary Lamb
Sound Stephen Lord
Music Stephen Lord
FMV Charles Davies, Andy Rixon
Design Scott Johnson
Product Management John Heap
Producer Matthew Webster
Assistant Producers Michael Cooper, Graham Harbour
Product Manager Europe Ann Williams
Product Manager North America Brian Allen
Video Production Jason Lord
Audio Production Chris Nicholls
Audio Engineer Bill Lusty
FMV Soundtrack Adele Kellett, Chris Nicholls
Outro Animation Chris Battson, Michael P. Cottam, Phil Mellor, John Miles
Electronic Arts Logo Animation Jessica Neerpasch
Test Group Supervisor Matt Price
Lead Tester Darren Tuckey
Testing Robert Charlish, Lawrence Doyle, Darren Potter
Language Test Supervisor Simon Davison
Language Testers Franck Badin, Lionel Berrodier, Sylvain Caburrosso, Laurent Gibert, Stephan Graffin, Christopher Horwood, Marco Mele, Jean-Philippe Monie, Xavier Plagnal, Frederic Reitz, Gilbert Tarinforner
Quality Assurance Supervisor Richard Gallagher, Lars Berenbrinker
Voice Recording & Post Production Bill Lusty
Quality Assurance Tester Steve Waterton
San Mateo Quality Assurance Supervisor Michael Edison
San Mateo Quality Assurance Sean Baity, Steven Nix
Localization Project Manager Carol Aggett
Documentation Richard Johnston
Documentation Layout Tom Peters
Game Speech Art Malik
Special Thanks Duncan Backus, Dan Blackstone, Patrick Bradshaw, David Byrne, Billy Joe Cain, Alex Carloss, Geoff Graber, Paul Hughes, Danny Isaac, Brian Marshall, James Nolan, Lennox Ong, Rick Ponds, Justin Rae, David Swofford
German Manual Translation Bettina Klos
German Software Translation Rolf D. Busch
German Voice Recording M&S Music; Frankfurt
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