A Cure for the Common Cold


What are the odds? After years of your painting career languishing in obscurity, a director for a large and respectable gallery agrees to look at some of your new artwork to include in a major show! But like Rent and La Bohème before it, health complications of the Bohemian lifestyle lay you low, a vicious cold rendering you too ill to finish your new works and skyrocket out of the gutter! How are you supposed to find inspiration when you're so congested you have a hard time breathing?

A mother's sage advice lays down three eternal constants for rest and recuperation, and your mission is to achieve these objectives by using and combining common items found in your wretched two-room studio garret, navigated according to the point-and-click adventure game interface conventions of the "Broken Sword" games -- right-click to examine an object, left-click to interact with it.

Get well soon! Your fifteen minutes of fame depend on it!

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  • Strange Visitor
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  • Strange Visitor
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Game tester Strange Visitor recounts an episode of life imitating art:

Ironically, I got a terrible cold while helping her with this... If anyone else feels cold-like symptoms after playing, please discontinue use and see your doctor.

I've heard of titles with contagious gameplay, but this is ridiculous!

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