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Doom II

aka: Doom II: Hell on Earth
Moby ID: 299

[ DOS ] [ Game Boy Advance ] [ Macintosh ] [ PC-98 ] [ Windows add ] [ Zodiac add ]

DOS credits (1994)

21 people (19 professional roles, 2 thanks) with 22 credits.

Biz Jay Wilbur
Programming John Carmack, John Romero, Dave Taylor
Music / Sound Programming Paul Radek
Level / Scenario Design Sandy Petersen
Graphics / Artwork Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud
3D Modelling Gregor Punchatz
Music Robert Prince
Sound Robert Prince
Support Shawn C. Green, American McGee
Biz Assistant Donna Jackson
Special Thanks To Tom Klok, GT Interactive Software
Cover Illustration Gerald Brom
French Translation Art of Words
German Manual Translation Redaktionsb├╝ro Typemania, Lisa Haas, Carsten Scheibe, GT Interactive Software
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Credits contributed by Alsy, Derrick 'Knight' Steele, Depeche Mike, formercontrib, Tomer Gabel.