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Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank: War in the Gulf

aka: Super Battletank


In February 1991, The United States of America sent troops into Kuwait and fought in armed combat against the forces of Iraq. Operation Desert Storm featured many different types of units including mobile armor. The M1 Abrams tank division is deployed in a variety of missions to destroy marked Iraqi targets.

Super Battletank: War in the Gulf is a 1st person tank simulation. Players sit in the cockpit of a M1 Abrams tank. Controls allow the player to accelerate forward, decelerate, rotate the tank's trajectory left and right, move the tank's cannon left and right, fire the weapon and check the map. The goal of the player is to travel to the location of enemy targets, line them up with the Abrams cannon and fire upon them until destroyed. Each mission covers a large area of land and the player will need to consult the real-time map to travel appropriately to target locations. The M1 Abrams tank also features 2 special weapons: The laser which is more powerful than regular cannon, and the smoke screen which allows the player to escape.


  • スーパーバトルタンク - Japanese spelling

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15 People (9 developers, 6 thanks)

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  • Bitmasters
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  • The Brave Men and Women who took part in Operation Desert Storm
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References to the game

In the 1992 movie "Toys", the game that General Leland Zevo stops to play at the arcade contains many graphical similarities to Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank: War in the Gulf (which was never released as an arcade game), though customized to apply to the plot of the movie (for instance Super Battletank does not contain any UN Aid Trucks, or even a score counter). It's interesting to note too that Super Battletank's publisher, Absolute Entertainment was also involved in the videogame adaptations of that same movie, Toys.

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