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Telengard is an earlier example of a "dungeon crawler" role-playing game--albeit with a top-down view - with either real time movement (DOS version) or turn-based movement and turn-based combat. Telengard is also played in real time, which means that monsters can attack even when the player's character is not moving.

The player controls a single adventurer, selecting randomly-rolled sets of attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity, and Charisma. The vast Telengard dungeon consists of 50 levels down and 200 by 200 rooms each level. Experience is awarded not only for defeating enemies, but also for finding treasure. When the player character gains a level, their attributes increase, and they gain the ability to cast higher-leveled spells.

Treasure chests appear randomly in the dungeon. There are also specific features such as altars, thrones, fountains, etc. that the adventurer can discover which may have various effects on the character, whether being either positive or negative. Some creatures will befriend the player, sometimes providing the player with an item and/or healing them, provided the player's Charisma is high enough.


  • テレンガード - Japanese spelling

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A lot of dungeon in a small package

The Good
Imagine fitting an unpredictable, but fixed, dungeon map of two million locations (200x200x50) into 48K RAM, with a program running in a BASIC interpreter. Each location can have one of ten features, which are also the same from program run to program run. In Telengard, this is accomplished novelly by distributing extended ASCII graphical characters across a three-dimensional grid with what amounts to a complex formula. Do the same with the features. Simply store in RAM the location of the player character in that grid, plug the coordinates into the formula, and draw the immediate surroundings on the screen. Then randomly generate monsters and treasures. This remains the most elegant BASIC program I've ever seen.

The Bad
Like most Rogue variants, frustration comes via a burst of bad luck which can waste a carefully nurtured character, with the save file automatically zapped.

The Bottom Line
For me and my friends in 1983, this was the most playable and addictive program on the TRS-80. I drew pages and pages of maps as I explored new territory. Teleport and pit traps guarantee that with just a little boldness, you will eventually find yourself lost in unfamiliar territory, trying to find an inn where you can heal up and store your treasure before the monsters wear you down. With three combat options (fight, cast, evade) you can tailor your strategy to your character's attributes. Since stored gold turns into experience and there is plenty of treasure lying around, an agile character can increase in experience as fast a strong one, without needing to beat up monsters. For the truly bold, a Gray Misty Cube will take you straight down any number of levels, where one treasure find can make the career of a low level character, provided you can get back up to an inn before a level 80 kobold levels you.

TRS-80 · by Slik (943) · 2009


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Telengard was created by Daniel Lawrence as a stripped-down microcomputer port of Gary Whisenhunt's and Ray Wood's DND mainframe game. He started it because he was fed up of mainframe administrator's complaints that his game-sessions took up too much processor time.


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