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Spore Creature Creator

aka: Spore Criador de Criaturas, Spore Labor, Spore Otuseditori, Spore: Fabryka stworów, Spóra Lénylabor
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Windows credits (2008)

374 people (347 professional roles, 27 thanks) with 393 credits.


Software Engineer, Audio
Producer, Animation and Art
Lead Engineer, Pollination
Software Engineer, Gameplay
Effects & Technical Artist
Software Engineer, UI
Executive Producer
Lead Engineer, Gameplay
Producer, Gameplay
Designer, Gameplay
Software Engineer, GameFlow Entertainment
Software Engineer, Automation
Software Engineer, Core Engine & Graphics Systems & Pipelines
Senior Sound Designer
Software Engineer, Creators & Planners
Software Engineer, Procedural Animation
Community Manager, Pollination & Web
Project Manager, IT
Development Director, Core Engine & Graphics Systems & Pipelines
Producer, Pollination & Web
Engineer, Pollination & Web
Lead Engineer, Audio
Design, Procedural Animation
Lead Engineer, Procedural Animation
Lead Designer, Gameplay
Audio Design
Audio Director
Audio Engineer, Generative Music System
Additional Music
Lead Artist
Director of Animation
Database Administrator, IT
Producer, UI
Game Tuning
Development Director, Gameplay
Producer, Creature Creator
Lead Engineer, Creators & Planners
User Interface Art
User Interface Design
Producer, Legal & QA
System Administrator, IT
Systems Support, IT
Art Director
Senior Producer
Director of Operations, IT
Engineer, Configuration Management
Office Manager
Voice Editing
Design, Pollination & Web
Lead Producer, Pollination & Web
Software Engineer, Pollination & Web
Producer, Audio
Lead User Interface Art
Lead User Interface Design
Senior Development Director
Development Director, Creature Creator
Project Lead Engineer
Lead Engineer, Core Engine & Graphics Systems & Pipelines
Spore Vision
Chief Designer
Producer, Creators & Planners
Development Director, Creators & Planners
Generative Music Design
Spore Composer
Composer, Galaxy Theme Music
Animal Recording Locations
  • Aligator Farm St. FL
  • Jungle Adventures FL
  • Gatorland FL
  • Oakland Zoo CA
  • Predators in Action CA
  • Steve Martin's Working Wildlife CA
  • Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary AK
  • Safari West CA
Additional Field recordings
Pollination & Web
Audio Specialist
Concept Art
Writer, Game Content
Writer, Spore Story Elements & Missions
Voice Talent
Vice President, Marketing
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Artist
Product Manager, Europe
Marketing Manager, Europe
Product Manager
Senior Director of Global Online Marketing
Japanese Marketing Director
Product Manager, Asia Pacific
Brand & Marketing Director, Asia Pacific
Regional Marketing Research Director, Asia Pacific
Senior Public Relations Manager, Asia Pacific
Director of Creative Services
Creative Director, Marketing
PR Director
PR Manager
Senior Director, PR
Senior Director Corporate Communications, Europe
Development Team Tester
Team Lead, Development Test Team
Compliance Tester, QA
Tester, QA Team
QA Manager
Database Administrator, QA Team
QA Engineering Manager
Compatibility Lead, QA
QA Franchise Lead
Resource Coordinator, QA
Senior Tester, QA Team
Compliance Lead, QA
Hardware Support, QA
Support Services Manager, QA
Compatibility Tester, QA
QA Engineer
QA Director
Administrative Assistant, QA
Designer, Creators
Software Engineer
Special Thanks

Localization, Asia

Project Manager

Localization, Europe

Integration Engineer
Integration Producer
Localization Manager Brazil
Localization Coordinator Czech
Localization Coordinator Dutch & Greek
Localization Coordinator France
Localization Coordinator Germany
Localization Coordinator Hungary
Localization Coordinator Italy
Localization Coordinator Nordics
Localization Coordinator Poland
Localization Coordinator Portugal
Localization Coordinator Russia
Localization Coordinator Spain
Localization Testing Testers
Localization Support
Localization Testing Senior Tester
Head Localization Tester
Localization Testing Project Manager


President EA Games
Executive Vice President
VP, Blueprint Studio
Vice President
CFO Redwood Shores Studio
Director, Finance
Strategic Planner Consultant
Senior Director, WW Studios
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