The Incredible Hulk

aka: Der Unglaubliche Hulk: Das Offizielle Videospiel, El Increible Hulk: El Videojuego Oficial, L'incredibile Hulk: Il Videogioco Ufficiale, L'incroyable Hulk: Le Jeu Vidéo Officiel, The Incredible Hulk: The Official Videogame
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The Incredible Hulk, based on the 2008 film of the same name, is a 3rd-person open world game that focuses on the Hulk's incredible physical strength. The game allows the user to control Hulk in a large recreation of New York City allowing Hulk to smash cars, buses, lamp posts, and even entire buildings using a combination of jump attacks, charge attacks, and punches. After destroying cars and buildings pick up debris and us it to smash even more. The story mode follows Hulk and Rick Jones on their quest to stop an evil organization called the Enclave, the Army, and to rid Banner of his alter ego, the Hulk.

Standard control configuration uses the left analog stick to move Hulk, the right analog stick to pan the camera 360 degrees around, and the face buttons to perform punches, jumps, and grabs. The game features hundreds of collectible items, some of which unlock bonus art, unlockable special characters, and numerous mini-games.


  • Невероятный Халк - Russian spelling

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The Incredible Crap!

The Good
Well, there isn't much to like about this game. It does feature the voice of Edward Norton, so that is a plus and it does try to follow the movie plot (almost!) and jumping around the city as The Hulk, destroying things is kinda fun. The graphics are actually not that bad, standard, nothing spectacular. Sadly, that's it.

The Bad
Well, its crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap....crap! First off, it is nothing but the Spider-Man 3 game engine, just this time instead of web-slinging around the city your basically just power jumping around. The sounds are crap, true they do have the voice-talent of Norton, but the acting is kinda cheezy and hearing the Hulk grunt every time you jump or growl every time you hit something really grinds your nerves, plus the sound of a building falling sounds like a stack of dominoes falling down.

The storyline also is like the Spider-Man 3 game, you do have the movie plot, but you also have storylines from the comics with characters like the U-Foes...yes the U-Foes, a group of four super powered villains and they are annoying as hell. Plus, when you keep causing damage you attract more military presence, destroying them will only send more, but trying to get away causes more destruction which will send more, so it's a never ending cycle of frustration.

Destroying things aren't fun either, the cars and buses when they are destroying just look a black square box, almost like they weren't trying at all. Another thing that really, really....really annoys me, you can kill enemies just by simply grabbing them and tossing them into a nearby building...BUT, grabbing and throwing an ordinary citizen does nothing...NOTHING! You can pick them up, jump high up in the air, throw them like a rag doll halfway across the screen and they get up like they just tripped, that's it. What is the point of even having them if you can't do nothing with them.

One more thing, there is hardly and rendered cinemas in this, there are some from time to time, but they look so forced, almost like they were rushed, most of the time it is voice acting disguised as an eavesdropping just showing a tape recorder at a military installation. It is almost like they didn't even want to bother with it.

The Bottom Line
Here's my advice, forget it, don't even rent it. I rented it for $7 bucks for a week and I was so angry I thought about scratching the back of it and take it back and pass it off and rent another and hope that the damn thing wouldn't have to grace another person. It's simple, avoid this game, this is another example of a game released just to promote a movie and to hell with the quality.

Now, here is a bit of irony, this game is considered crap and is based on a movie that is considered superior to that Ang Lee tumor back a few years, but the game that was based on that is actually better than this, but here is something even better, The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is actually better than these two and it isn't based on either. Now that's funny...sort of.

PlayStation 2 · by Big John WV (26954) · 2008


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