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Blast Corps

aka: Blast Dozer

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Get out of the way! A nuclear missile carrier is out of control on a one way-set path, and unless that path is cleared, it will explode as soon as it makes contact with anything, destroying the world. It is up to you to clear the path so that nothing gets in the way of the Carrier.

Blast Corps is a mix of an action and a puzzle game where destruction is key. At the start of each level the player is given a certain vehicle (ranging from robotic suits to trucks or bulldozers), and are told to clear the path for the Carrier. Players need to use their heavy-duty equipment to destroy any buildings, structures, or monuments that stand in the path of the Carrier. The difficulty increases as progress is made, though. Smaller vehicles don't affect certain buildings, and sometimes it's not even a building that's in the way. The player must use the resources around them to clear the path. Players may need a train flatbed to fill a gap, or a crane to move boxes out of the way. The Carrier is always moving, so once the player is done destroying one obstruction, they must get to the next one quickly. While players pursue their mission they must also find six scientists scattered throughout the globe to form a think-tank to solve the problem. The Carrier has to leave Earth, and it's your job to ensure that it will!

Blast Corps features secrets to find. Besides clearing each path for the Carrier, players can go back to a level once it has been completed to take their time and explore. To fully complete a level, players must also find RDUs (Radiation Dispersal Units), which light up on the ground when the player is in close proximity to them, as well as destroy all of the buildings, rescue all of the homeless civilians, which is done by the T-chopper that accompanies the player on every mission. There are also dozens of secret time trial levels that can be found by activating special satellite dishes hidden throughout the levels. If the player manages to get all of the secrets in a level they receive a second medal, and once all of the gold medals are found the developers have a tiny message for them...


  • ブラストドーザー - Japanese spelling

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Executive Producer
Game Design
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Lead Programmer
Additional Programming
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Story and Text
Project Manager
Product Test
Original Concept
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Additional Compression
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1001 Video Games

Blast Corps appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


The game's unfortunate original title was Bull 64, from which it progressed through Heavy Duty Heroes, the truncated Heavy Duty, Blast Radius, Power Dozer and BlastDozer (which encountered copyright problems outside Japan) to the Blast Corps of today.


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    + May 1997 (Issue 94) - Game of the Month
    • November 1997 (Issue 100) - ranked #93 (Best 100 Games of All Time)

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