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Silent Hill: Homecoming

aka: Silent Hill V

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Silent Hill: Homecoming is the sixth entry of the Silent Hill series. This time around the player takes control of a new protagonist by the name of Alex Shepherd who returns to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen and learns of the disappearance of his younger brother, his search leads him onto the fog-laden streets of Silent Hill where he must search the desolate town in order to rescue his brother and learn of his family's dark secrets in the process.

The gameplay is the same as it's previous entries where the player searches for objects and uses weapons and hand-to-hand to combat and defend against grotesque monsters while solving puzzles to advance further into the game. It features a brand new graphics engine giving a realistic horrifying feel along with music composed by Akira Yamaoka who also composed for previous incarnations of the Silent Hill incarnations.

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Lead Environment Artist
Lead Visual FX
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Lead Animator
Lead Audio
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Lead Designer
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Development Director
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Senior User Interface Artist
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German version

In the German version, finishing moves against humans were removed and some cutscenes were cut. A detailed list of changes can be found on schnittberichte.com (German).

Movie parallels

After the Silent Hill movie in 2006, the next game to appear in the franchise was Silent Hill: Homecoming, and as such it borrowed a lot of elements from the movie, almost to the point it feels it is based on the movie. Just to name a few obvious movie elements, the transition from ghost town Silent Hill to nightmare from hell town Silent Hill is made in same visual effect of peeling texture of ghost town to nightmare version, and reassembling it the other way around. Then there is the same fanatic cult with same protective suits as in the movie. When you approach the church in Silent Hill, you will encounter a multiple barb fence around and inside it, just as the demi-god used in the movie to dispose of his followers. Not to mention that Pyramid Head has a meaningless cameo just as in the movie, whereas its original appearance in Silent Hill 2 game had direct emotional connection to the player's character.

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