World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King

aka: WotLK
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Windows credits (2008)

2,856 people (2,552 professional roles, 304 thanks) with 2,906 credits.

Blizzard Entertainment

Executive Producer
Art Director
Creative Director
Game Director
Lead Designer
Technical Director
Production Director
Lead Animator
Lead City/Dungeon Artist
Lead Environment Artist
Lead Prop Artist
Lead Technical Artist
Lead Exterior Level Designers
Lead Exterior Artist
Lead Quest Designer
Lead Encounter Designer
Lead World Event Designer
Lead Engine Programmer
Lead Gameplay Programmers
Lead Server Programmer
Lead Tools Programmer
Lead UI Programmer
Senior Producers
Character Artists
City/Dungeon Sub-Leads
City/Dungeon Artists
Environment Artists
Prop Artists
Special Effects Artist
Technical Artist
Game Designers
Level Designers
MacIntosh Programming
Technical Writer
Additional Art
Technical Director Emeritus
Additional Programming
Additional Production
Mad Scientist
Audio Director
Lead Sound Designer
Audio Producer
Sound Design
Additional Sound Editing
Voice Casting
  • BB Casting & Production Services
Casting Director
Casting Associate
Voice Direction
Field & Foley SFX Recording
Live Sessions & Orchestrations produced by
Main Titles Orchestration by
Main Titles Music Preparation provided by
Flutes & Duduk
Uilleann Pipes & Scottish Flute
Cinematic Intro Sound Designers
Cinematic Intro Music
Cinematic Intro & Main Title Music recorded by
  • Northwest Sinfonia and Chorus
Contracted by
Cinematic Intro Audio Mixer
Cinematics Director
Cinematics Writer
Senior Director of Cinematics
Cinematics Creative Director
Cinematics Lead Producer
Cinematics Producers
Cinematics Editor
Cinematics Supervisors
Cinematics Leads
Cinematics Artists
Cinematics Technical Artists
Cinematics Studio Technical Engineers
Cinematics Modeling
Cinematics Animation
Cinematics Technical Animation
Cinematics Finishing
Cinematics Developer
Cinematics Additional Producer
Cinematics Interns
Creative Development Manager
Creative Development Art Director
Creative Development Artists
Creative Development Producers
Creative Development Historians
Creative Development Librarian
Creative Development Curator
Creative Development Additional Writing
DVD & Video Production Manager
DVD & Video Production Associate Producer
DVD & Video Production Editor Staff
DVD & Video Production Art Staff
DVD & Video Production Production Assistants
Platform Services Director
Platform Services Producers
Platform Services Programmers
Platform Technology Team Lead
Platform Technology Senior Producer
Platform Technology Producers
Platform Technology Programmers
Platform Technology Artist
European QA Manager
Korean QA Manager
Chinese QA Manager
Spanish Assistant QA Managers
France Assistant QA Manager
Assistant QA Manager
German QA Lead
Russian QA Lead
Lead QA Analyst
Assistant Lead QA Analysts
QA Content Specialists
QA Analysts
Technical QA Manager
Technical QA Team Leads
Technical QA Assistant Team Leads
Technical QA Analysts
Compatibility Assistant Manager
Compatibility Team Leads
Compatibility Analysts
Compatibility Mastering Technician
Global Localization Manager
Localization Producers
Korean Localization Manager
Chinese Localization Manager
France Assistant Localization Manager
Spanish Assistant Localization Manager
German Localization Lead
Russian Localization Lead
Korean Localization Lead
French Localization Engineers
Spanish Localization Engineers
Korean Localization Engineers
German Localization Engineers
Russian Localization Engineers
Regional Localization Test Lead
Korean Localization Test Leads
Regional Localization Analysts
Spanish Localization Analysts
Russian Localization Analysts
Korean Localization Analysts
Chinese Localization Analysts
French Localization Analysts
German Localization Analysts
VP of Online Technologies
Online Technologies Senior Producer
Online Technologies Producers Lead Programmers Research Manager Research Analysts
Web Team Leads
Web Team
Billing Software Engineers
Support Tools Lead
Support Tools Programmers
Mobile Team
European Online Services Manager
European Online Services Producer
European Online Services Software Team Lead
European Online Services Programmers
European Online Services Web Design Team Lead
European Online Services Web Design Team
European Online Services Web Editorial Team Leads
European Online Services Web Editorial Team
Korean Online Services Director
Korean Online Services Project Manager
Korean Online Services Web Design Team Manager
Korean Online Services Web Design Team
Korean Online Services Web Lead
Korean Online Services Web Programmers
Korean Online Services Support Tools Lead
Korean Online Services Support Tools Programmer
Senior Global IT Director
Global IT Director
IT Director
Global IT Managers
IT Purchasing
European Operations
Facitilies Manager
Operations Management Team, Europe
Managing Director, Korea
Managing Director, Greater China
Managing Director, Taiwan
SVP of Global Marketing
Global Marketing
Regional Marketing
Marketing Creative Services
VP of Global PR
European Director of Communication & Community
Korean Director of Communication & Community
European PR Manager
PR Manager
Korean PR Manager
Chinese PR Manager
PR Manager of Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau
Community Manager of Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau
Korean PR
European PR
Chinese PR
Senior Editorial Manager
Editorial Assistant
Senior Community Manager
Senior eSports Manager
eSports Manager
Chinese eSports Manager
Community Manager
European Community Manager
Chinese Community Manager
Korean Community Manager
Community Europe
Community Korea
Events Europe
Global Business Development Director
Global Licensing Director
Business Development
Business Development Europe
VP of Global Human Resources
Human Resources Europe
Human Resources
Global Manager, Organizational Development & Training
Organizational Development & Training
Senior Manager, Global Staffing and Recruitment
VP of Global Finance
Finance Europe
Finance Korea
Finance China
Finance Administration
General Counsel
Legal (Global)
Legal (China)
Legal (Europe)
Global Customer Service Director
Senior North American Customer Service Manager
International Customer Service Manager
International Customer Service Support Leads
Global Customer Service Project Management
Technical Support Manager
Technical Support Assistant Manager
Technical Support Leads
Technical Support Seniors
Technical Support Representatives
Billing & Account Services Manager
Billing & Account Services Assistant Manager
Billing Leads
Billing Seniors
Billing & Account Services Representatives
Senior In-Game Support Manager
Assistant In-Game Support Managers
In-Game Support Leads
In-Game Support Seniors
In-Game Support Representatives
Quality Control Manager
Assistant Quality Control Manager
QC Lead
QC Training Lead
QC Seniors
Quality Control Representatives
Customer Service Director Europe
Technical Support Manager Europe
Billing Support Manager Europe
Ireland Customer Service Site Manager
Customer Service Coordinator Europe
Customer Service Back Office Manager Europe
Customer Service Documentation Team Europe
Technical Support Lead Europe
Technical Support Seniors Europe
Technical Support Representatives Europe
Billing Lead Europe
Billing Seniors Europe
Billing Representatives Europe
Account Services Lead Europe
Account Services Seniors Europe
In-Game Support Managers Europe
In-Game Support Lead Europe
In-Game Support Seniors Europe
German In-Game Support Representatives
English In-Game Support Representatives
Spanish In-Game Support Representatives
French In-Game Support Representatives
European Customer Service Quality Control Lead
European Customer Service Quality Control Seniors
European Customer Service Quality Control Representatives
European Customer Service Quality Control AA Agents
Korean Customer Service Director
Korean Technical Support Manager
Korean Technical Support Senior
Korean Technical Support Representatives
Korean Billing and Accound Services Manager
Billing Leads Korea
Billing Seniors Korea
Korean Billing & Account Services Representatives
Korean In-Game Support Manager
Korean In-Game Support Leads
Korean In-Game Support Seniors
Korean In-Game Support Reprensentatives
Korean Quality Control Lead
Korean QC Training Lead
Korean QC Training Seniors
Korean QC Representatives
President of Blizzard Entertainment
CEO of Blizzard Entertainment
EVP, Game Design
Vice President & Executive Managing Director, International Operations
Director of Special Projects
Thanks To
Very Special Thanks
Manual Design
  • Anomaly Creative
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Credits contributed by Aaron Langan, Sicarius.