World War II: Frontline Command

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World War II: Frontline Command is a World War II themed 3D RTS game built on the Steel Soldiers engine.

The game doesn't feature resource management; every mission starts with a fixed number of units with which you have to fulfill your mission. The fog of war in this game is a literal grey fog that shrouds the landscape. Only high objects such as buildings and treetops stick out through the fog. The fog disperses once you scout the terrain.

Available units include infantry, tanks and artillery. Your most important unit is the Commander. He has a much larger visibility range than any of the other units which allows him to spot targets from afar so that they can be attacked from a safe distance. Furthermore he boosts the morale of your units. Morale is affected by many factors such as separation, mission status and enemy fire. High morale improves the capabilities of your units, while low morale decreases their effectiveness. Besides the mist which disappears when in line of sight to show the terrain and possible enemy units, your units can also hear enemy units move when they are nearby.

The game features a campaign for both Axis and Allies and can be played in two difficulties: recruit and veteran. Besides a increase in difficulty, the veteran difficulty also features some changes in gameplay such as more dynamic missions, less health regeneration for your units and limited ammunition. Besides the campaign you can also play against others in online multiplayer.



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Average score: 66% (based on 13 ratings)


Average score: 3.1 out of 5 (based on 2 ratings with 1 reviews)

A good game let down by niggling problems

The Good
There is a lot to like in this game. It is well drawn, the troops move well, and the ambient sounds are good. There's no intrusive music track and I found this actually added to the atmosphere, (who apart from Hollywood goes to war with a sound track)?

There are lots of missions to play and the idea of giving all these missions a date and a place on the overall map of Europe adds to the feel of progressing through an overall campaign.

The Bad
Just a few little things. The main problem is that soldiers get stuck among the scenery. This was a problem that, for me, occurred as they crossed bridges. Some soldiers would walk through / under the bridge where they would get stuck in water that is too deep for them. I'm not very good at games of this type and I got my remaining mortar troops stuck in this way. This meant I could not complete the mission and had to abort & replay.

The other problem for me was the background noise. In the main it works well but part of that noise are sounds that I took to be the screams of soldiers being shot. Now when I'm focussing on positioning troops on one part of the map and I hear this I naturally wanted to check my other troop positions to make sure they are not under attack. They seldom were but I had to check and I found this very distracting.

Paradoxically I also found that troops to whom I'd issued movement orders died en-route without me being aware of it.

The Bottom Line
Good enough game, plenty to do, but a few niggles that stop it being a classic

Windows · by piltdown_man (232445) · 2011


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