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Galaxy Wars


The aim of this arcade game is to launch missiles from the bottom of the screen at enemy spacecraft located at the top. To get there, the missile must pass through a asteroid belt flying across the screen and avoid the shots being fired down from the spacecraft. It is the players job to control the missile. Once launched it can be moved left and right and can be sped up by using the boost to speed it's way out of trouble. Points scored depend on the location of the hit on the enemy spacecraft. The speed at which enemy spacecraft move increases as the number of them decreases. Once all spacecraft have been destroyed, another wave starts, the speed decreases again and the process repeats. A life is lost when a missile is hit by a shot or collides with an asteroid.

On the SNES, three game modes are available, B&W and Color recreate the graphics and behaviour of the original arcade game in black & white and color respectively whilst Neo mode updates the game with improved graphics and slightly different behaviour. There's also a turn-based two player mode. Other options include changing the number of lives available at the start of a game and the number of points needed for an extra ship.


  • ギャラクシーウォーズ - Japanese spelling


Credits (SNES version)

20 People (15 developers, 5 thanks)

Super Visor
Publish Director
Sound Programmer
Sound Composer
CG Designer
Game Designer
Special Adviser
Special Cooperation
Special Thanks To
  • Imagineer Co. Ltd.
  • Universal Co. Ltd.



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  • MobyGames ID: 39392


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