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A scientific outpost on a far-off planet has been attacked. Nothing is known about the attackers since all communications have been destroyed. A team of marines is dispatched to investigate and destroy the unknown invaders. As their dropships enter the atmosphere and approach the base, the defense lasers, damaged in the onslaught, move into action. They launch wild bursts of laser fire at the approaching marines, who are not prepared and take heavy losses. Rookies Nash and Jordan crash-land and must fight off the alien force.

As with the previous Alien Breed, the gameplay is viewed from above. Your soldier shoots his way through the levels, collecting keys, ammunition, and credits along the way. Computers can be logged into to buy new weapons. A new 'retreat' mode allows you to fire while moving backward.

The game is largely non-linear, as most levels have multiple exits, and the game can be moved through in different ways. There is a variety of indoor and outdoor levels, although you spend most time inside some of the multi-level towers. After activating a self-destruct mechanism, you must escape the building quickly.

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Cut Level

Jaromir Krol:

When, years ago, I analyzed the level access codes created by the game, I found the way they were generated, and wrote a small program to try and create all such valid codes, with maximum ammunition, energy, etc. The program generated the codes, and while checking them in the game, I made an interesting discovery. The last code that the game would accept as valid, number 55, opened a "lost" level (there were 54 listed levels in the game), which was apparently left out, and was possibly meant as the opening of the multiplayer part in the game. The level, named "DIVIDE AND CONQUER", is unfinished and bugged, and apparently cannot be completed. The code to open this abandoned level is: HGKCSLEASDCAAACA.


  • The level 'Divide & Conquer' is presumably named after a song by 80s punk band Husker Du.

  • The game features a character called Dr. Dyson, who you find dead with his legs blown off. The narration then notes that Dyson was usually 'legless' (UK slang for being drunk) while he was alive, but is now really legless. This presumably refers to Marcus Dyson, the former Amiga Format editor who had recently joined Team 17.

Tony Senghore

Tony Senghore, who made the graphics, was only 16 years old when the game was released.


The game was distributed in two forms: on floppies and on a CD. The former was designed to be run on any Amiga. The game automatically detects the chipset and on AGA machines it uses a different set of graphics and enhanced sound effects. The latter was designed to be played directly on CD32 and contained a 10 minute long, full motion video that serves a purpose of an introduction. The CD also contains a previous game in the series: Alien Breed 2: The Horror Continues (AGA edition).

Information also contributed by Jaromir Krol and Martin Smith


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