Crackdown 2

aka: Riot Act 2
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Crackdown 2 is the sequel to Crackdown and it has the same third-person shooter gameplay set in an open world. The story picks up ten years after the events of the first game. Pacific City is in ruins and it is overrun by mutant freaks. The player controls Agent, a member of the city-funded Agency that maintains order. The mutant freaks are backed by an anti-Agency group called the Cell and they turn into a heavily-armed terrorist group. Most of the goals in the main campaign are centered around holding ground, fighting the mutant freaks at night and the Cell during the day. The story itself is generally furthered through audio logs that can be found by exploring the city.

Much of the action is over the top, with huge explosions, massive amounts of enemies and the ability for Agent to juggle cars and cause much chaos. He can also drive many vehicles and helicopters. In the original game there was a set of three cars that were modified with each level-up. This has been replaced by offering a new vehicle for every new level reached. Most of the game is set in the streets of Pacific City where the player can freely explore, move to the rooftops or go underground to raid the lairs where the mutant freaks are hiding during the day. Underground, sunlight becomes the most important weapon. Once the absorption units guarded by the Cell have been recovered, sunlight can be collected to power beacons that deflect light into the lairs, tearing through the mutants that only survive in darkness.

Just like the first game exploration is furthered and encouraged by hunting down Agility Orbs that make Agent jump higher, run faster and glide through the air, making new areas accessible and causing more destruction with weapon and melee combat. Agent's upgrade abilities are divided over Agility, Firearms, Strength, Explosives and Driving. The location of the orbs can now be pinged on a radar. There are also new Renegade Orbs (they run away from Agent) and Live Orbs (only found through online co-op) to collect.

In multiplayer, the co-op mode has been expanded from two to four players. There are also several deathmatch modes - in closed down areas of the city for up to sixteen players, and a Rocket Tag mode where a clan chases down a single player armed only with grenades.

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Average score: 70% (based on 83 ratings)


Average score: 2.9 out of 5 (based on 8 ratings with 1 reviews)

Can I have my time back?

The Good
The game is at least functional, there are little to no glitches I encountered without specifically looking for them and the game plays fluently.

I like how you train your attributes by using them, that works quite well. It at least makes a whole lot more sense than picking where you want to spend points in.

I didn't have to buy anything for this game because I borrowed it from my cousin, finished it into three days and then brought it back to him.

The Bad
If you look up repetition in the dictionary this game will most certainly be mentioned. There is nothing you have to do in this game, you won't have to do at least ten more times. Everything is based on grinding, it's like an RPG without a good story or anything else.

Climbing buildings is like a chore, you need to do it so often and there is no fun whatsoever. I instantly went for every agility orb I could see just to avoid having to jump so damn often.

There is just no challenge to be found anywhere in the game, alright it becomes hard after you leave the first island and suddenly every enemy has a turret or a rocket launcher in his hands, but if you are smart you just climb up the building before you arrive at the battleground, so you can take them by surprise.

There is just no story, honestly, this is a disgrace. You are given two tasks: Kill gangsters and kill zombies, there is a final showdown at the end which consists of more zombie-killing and then it ends with a pointless cliffhanger. There is no story told anywhere safe for the start and the ending. The same dialog is repeated every time and even when you get an original message it is still as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.

The Bottom Line
I am not even sure who I can recommend these games to. If you honestly think Skinner Box should be the only thing a game consists off and original ideas cause you unbelievable pain than you could give this game a try. Anybody else should stay FAR away from this pointless game.

Xbox 360 · by Asinine (957) · 2011



The game is developed by Ruffian Games, and not by Realtime Worlds who did the first game. However, Ruffian was formed with an amount of employees of Realtime Worlds.


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