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Skate or Die incorporates five distinct styles of skating, which can be attempted individually or in turn. You skate around a menu room to choose which one to attempt. Before taking off you can visit Rodney's skate shop to buy equipment.

The first event is freestyle, in which your aim is to score as many points as possible in 10 attempts. Judges determine how much style and skill you have shown. The High Jump uses the same equipment, only this time your task is to jump as high as possible at the end of the ramp.

The downhill events are overhead-view races. In the Downhill Race you simply try to complete the course within 90 seconds. In the Downhill Jam you try to outperform a human or computer opponent whilst dodging or jumping hazards. You can use attacking moves to either remove hazards or knock your opponent over.

The pool joust is more of a one-on-one beat em up using a stick, set within a pit to skate around.

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Credits (Commodore 64 version)

17 People (16 developers, 1 thanks)

Software Graphics
Software Programming
Associate Producer
Technical Support
Product Management
Art Director
Package Design
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Sound Effects
Artist and Screen Photography
Package Photography
  • MoFo
Cover Skater
Inside Skater
Skateboards for artists courtesy
  • Glenn McIntyre's Skatearama



Average score: 67% (based on 25 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 86 ratings with 3 reviews)


The Good
Absolutely nothing!

The Bad
The controls are terrible and the game itself simply sucks!

The Bottom Line
Terrible! Keep a safe distance!

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 1999

I love this game!!! Great skating!! Great intro song!!

The Good
Love the pool-jousting and the half-pipe. I had never seen a skating game where the player get to punch and kick each other during a downhill battle. It was like a "street" of California Games. Cracking the copy-protection was one of my most memorable victories over Electronic Arts. (I never understood why EA used to be "EOA")

The Bad
Took a while to load, but that was normal for any good c64 game. Other than that, nothing.

The Bottom Line
Better half-pipe events than California Games. And the pool-jousting made it more fun than 720. This has to be one of skateboarding's best games ever!!

Commodore 64 · by lowlife13 atjuno (4) · 2004

Skate or Die is a game lacking in certain areas but overall has some replay value.

The Good
This game offers up quite a bit of replay value and is a rather original idea. Skating against the computer is a challenge and also can be fun.

The Bad
The controls, which generally shouldn't be a challenge to master in a game, are a slight challenge here. Most hurdles are quickly overcome, however.

The Bottom Line
Skate or Die is, although a bit lacking in ease of playing, a fun game with quite a bit of replay value thanks to the different styles of play. Skating fans and non- alike will both enjoy this mix of innocent fun and attitude.

DOS · by Stuart Bergstrom (2) · 1999



This game is commonly confused with the Atari coin-op 720º. The confusion stems from the spoken "Skate or die!" yelled in the coin-op.


A line in the credits reads: "If you like Skate or Die, drop us a line and we'll see that the nurses read it to (the developers)."


Not sure about the PC version, but on the C64 version if you could skate through steel wire fences, only to fall into little pieces a moment later.


Skate or Die! was Electronic Arts' first in-house game, i.e. the first developed by full-time employees. All prior EA titles had been done by independent contractors.


Rodney of Rodney's Skate Shop is an obvious, blatant reference to Rodney Dangerfield. It's funny just how much they ripped off his image.

Spectrum version

The manual for the Spectrum version states:

"There is no abort key on the Spectrum version of Skate or Die due to the ease of simulating the same key value from other input devices, this removes the chance of accidentally aborting the game."

Leaving aside the woeful grammar, this isn't very good design. Although most Spectrum joysticks did map to certain keys, it was easy to choose which ones these were.


  • Commodore Format
    • March 1994 (Issue 42) Heaven – The Path to Righteousness: 20 Essential Games
    • March 1994 (Issue 42) – Heaven: Music of the Gods

Information also contributed by Joshua Dove, Martin Smith, and Terok Nor

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