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Circle of Blood

aka: BS1, Baphomets Fluch, Broken Sword: Il Segreto dei Templari, Broken Sword: La leyenda de los Templarios, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, Les Chevaliers de Baphomet, Slomannyj Mech: Ten' Tamplierov

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Critic Reviews 84% add missing review

Adventure Gamers ( ) (100%)

After all of that, the only three words I can leave you with are: WHAT A GAME!!! This is a true masterpiece and adventure gaming at its absolute finest. No adventurer worth his or her salt should let this one pass by. If you haven't experienced Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, drop whatever it is you are playing, and immediately push this one to the top of your list!

May 19th, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

GameTrip.net (10 out of 10) (100%)

Le jeu qui renoue avec la fin des années 1980, qui donne envie de retrouver ses bons vieux point & click et surtout qui annonce la nouvelle Úre des jeux d'aventure.

Jun 12th, 2006 · PlayStation · read review

Adventure Lantern (95 out of 100) (95%)

In the end of it all, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars is a one-of-a-kind game that will provide you hours and hours of sheer fun, and also make you learn a few things. Travel the world, start an urban myth or two, discover a dark secret... The trailer doesn’t lie. This game rocks.

Mar 2006 · PlayStation · read review

Adventure Europe (90 out of 100) (90%)

Conclure sur un tel jeu est un vĂ©ritable plaisir, mais il y a tellement Ă  dire que la synthĂšse est difficile. C’est pourquoi je me contenterai de vous conseiller trĂšs trĂšs vivement ce chef-d’Ɠuvre si vous ĂȘtes fan de jeux d’aventure. C’est un must !

Apr 30th, 2005 · PlayStation · read review

HonestGamers (Staff reviews only) ( ) (90%)

But more importantly, it’s one that isn’t afraid to cover every base it needs to. Broken Sword is exactly what it tells you it is and more. It’s an entrancing Game Noir, if you will, with liberal helpings of charisma and chemistry. It’s a joy! It’s an education! It’s exactly what point ‘n’ click games should be!

Jun 22nd, 2005 · PlayStation · read review

RPGFan (84 out of 100) (84%)

Besides the total lack of music (just a few violins and that's about it, not even worth talking about) and a few dumb puzzle (every game of this type has at least a few) I loved every part of Broken Sword. THQ was very nice to bring this game to the US and I thank them for it. Not only that, they are also porting Broken Sword 2 later this year (can't wait!). If you're a fan of old-school computer adventure games look no further then Broken Sword, it's a very good game.

Mar 11th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

NowGamer (8.4 out of 10) (84%)

Saying that though, Broken Sword is neatly tied up with plenty of FMV cutscenes and the sound is atmospheric and well arranged. The intelligent, realistic, construction of this game means that it will certainly tax the old grey matter, often leaving you dumbfounded. With a little, well perhaps a lot of thought, you’ll manage to struggle through the barrage of clues and red-herrings, but in the end, the rewarding feeling you get from progressing further and further will have you so engrossed it’ll take weeks before you’ll get it out of your system. A thoroughly playable adventure game that sets a new precident on PlayStation.

Dec 1st, 1996 · PlayStation · read review

Mega Fun (80 out of 100) (80%)

Ich behaupte, daß sich ein Adventure wohl kaum besser darstellen kann. Die Story ist Ă€ußerst tiefgrĂŒndig recherchiert und die Puzzles eine willkommene Kost fĂŒr jeden Adventure-Freak. Auch technisch ist Baphomets Fluch sehenswert. Die handgezeichneten Comic-Grafiken sind sehr detailverliebt und lassen keine WĂŒnsche ĂŒbrig. Die intuitive Bedienung ist ebenso positiv anzumerken wie die Musik, die als eine Mischung aus Klangerlebnis und ZurĂŒckhaltung zu bezeichnen ist. Eine Sache ist weniger positiv aufgefallen: Die gesamte Handlung ist sehr gesprĂ€chslastig so daß viel zu viel Zeit mit Zuhören verbracht wird. DafĂŒr sind sĂ€mtliche Texte vertont und warten mit netten Akzenten auf. Da die Bombe in Paris hochgeht, klingen vor allem die französischen Charaktere sehr originell in unseren Ohren. Alles in allem ein echter Tip fĂŒr Adventure-Fans.

Oct 1996 · PlayStation

Computer and Video Games (CVG) ( ) (80%)

Broken Sword proves that the PlayStation isn't just good for beat 'em ups and arcade games. It's a challenging adventure, and one that is as enjoyable to look at as it is to play. In terms of size Broken Sword is massive, and takes hours to complete. Thankfully it's not too frustrating either, and the solutions to the puzzles are fairly logical, so at least adventurers aren't forced to randomly play around with objects in the hope that something works - the solution is usually nearby. Admittedly, it's not as zany as Discworld, but it's compelling nonetheless.

Dec 1996 · PlayStation · read review

Video Games (60 out of 100) (60%)

Ich habe Baphomets Fluch (in Ermangelung einer flĂŒssigen Playstation-Version) das erste Mal auf meinem Pentium durchgespielt - und war angenehm ĂŒberrascht. Sagenhafte HintergrĂŒnde, stimmungsvolle Musik sowie eine spannende Handlung mit tollen RĂ€tseln und Tiefgang. Ein richtig gutes Adventure. Nicht so auf der Playstation: Trotz Maus ist das Spiel trĂ€ge und wird in Syrien fast unspielbar ruckelig. Man hat den Eindruck, als sei die Playstation mit der gleichzeitigen Wiedergabe von Animationen, Musik und Soundeffekten völlig ĂŒberfordert. Die Sprache hat LĂŒcken, die Grafik bleibt sekundenlang stehen - von Spielfluß keine Spur. Das HinterhĂ€ltige daran: Beim Anspielen merkt man davon nicht viel, da es anfangs noch recht ruckfrei zugeht. Es tut mir in der Seele weh, eine derart versaute Umsetzung eines an sich feinen Adventures zu sehen. Man muß schon ĂŒbermenschliche Geduld aufbringen, um das Spiel ohne WutausbrĂŒche ĂŒber die miese technische QualitĂ€t durchzuspielen.

Feb 1997 · PlayStation

GameSpot (5.8 out of 10) (58%)

Weaving a tale of murder, mystery, mayhem, and medieval history, Revolution Software has ported its popular PC title Circle of Blood to the PlayStation. The terrific storyline has been kept intact, with all its shadowy nuances of the occult and unexpected humor, but the game just isn't as fun to play as it was on the PC.

May 6th, 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Player Reviews

A awsome game

The Good
The fact that is is one of the few adventure games that rivals the Lucasarts games, basically everything I said about in my review of the PC version, in short this game is great

The Bad
The Playstation version suffers from load times everytime you leave a scene, this can turn off some gamers, and because of the reduced resolution some objects can be hard to find.

The Bottom Line
One of the few brillaint graphic adventures on the Playstation

by Grant McLellan (584) on Apr 1st, 2001 · PlayStation

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