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Dungeon Keeper 2 is a "god game" which introduces the series to an entirely 3D engine (as opposed to the original's engine with 3D environments and 2D unit sprites). As before, the player is tasked with the construction, expansion and maintenance of dungeons, as well as attracting, managing, and utilizing various evil creatures to fight the forces of good. Several creatures, spells, traps, and rooms are new to the series, while others received a visual redesign at most, and some were even replaced. The series' trademark unit, the Horned Reaper, is now only called through a special support power and only one can be found on the map at a given moment. Spells are now cast using mana (an auto-generating resource proportional to the size of the dungeon) instead of gold, and can be upgraded once there are no new spells to research. Dropping creatures now stuns them (unless thrown into the new Combat Pit room).

The game's campaign has the player enter the land of good and conquer it region by region while staying in the underworld. Enemies either stay in fixed, protected areas, or execute sneak attacks from inopportune directions. The boss of each level holds a portal gem which is used to access the overworld (off-screen) and claim the region. The game also features skirmish and multiplayer modes, as well as a sandbox mode titled "My Pet Dungeon", where enemies only attack if the player wishes them to.

As of patch 1.61, the player can attract elite creatures, which are statistically more powerful than their standard counterparts and have a slightly different appearance, if rooms are built in specific layouts. Patch 1.7 also added another new unit, the Maiden of the Nest.


  • ผู้พิทักษ์แดนอสูร 2 - Thai spelling
  • 地城守護者2 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Average score: 87% (based on 37 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 97 ratings with 11 reviews)

More Chicken Slappin' Goodness

The Good
The Missions are extremely well varied...No more wipe off every single enemy on the map every level anymore...now there are infiltrations, blockades, assaults you name it...

The first person mode has been very much improved in this game...the controls are good. From the fly's multi-faceted eyes, to the slit in the helmet in a black knight, DKIII never lets off any detail. You can have groups!!!, although grouping is kinda tedious...

The new units are more balanced than the old ones...no more flooding your opponents w/ hell hounds and demon spawns...There is also much more unit variety...and each of them are required to maintain the dungeon (w/ the exception of the goblin...)...and the bile demon is back!!!

The cutscenes are hilarious...

Chicken slapping!!!...call the animal rights foundation if you want...but chicken slapping is an essential part to good DK gaming...

Dark mistress...mmmm...Scantily dressed women w/ whips...mmmm...slurp...

The Bad
The multiplayer aspect of the game leaves much to be desired...but its the single player game + my pet dungeon should last you quite a long time...

Maybe the dark mistress should wear even less...hehehe :-)

The Bottom Line
DKII stands out as one of the best RTS every made...much better than the sea of C&C clones out there...remember, its good to be evil...

Windows · by MadCat (53) · 2000

Technically a hands-OFF RTS, this is a true genre-bender

The Good
The multiple aspects of play, as you have to mix resource planning (manage both gold and mana), construction (all the different places), creature management, and even some occasionally first-person shooting. Playing EVIL is also a lot of fun, as you play the "good guy" in just too many games. Laying out traps and defenses is also a lot of fun. The multiple ways to gain a larger army are really cool.

The Bad
The hands-off aspect of the game can sometimes be very frustrating, until you get the "Call to Arms" spell, which calls EVERY one of your creatures to rally at the flag, even if it's in enemy territory. Then you realize this calls EVERY creature, leaving you NO defense at all... You also can't control what creatures to get, at least not directly. It also requires a lot of personal micro-management for optimum efficiency, when you really just want to play.

The Bottom Line
Dungeon Keeper 2 IS a very unique real-time game. In some way, it's like an RTS game, as you build structures and get units. On the other hand, a limit on the number of creatures you can get per "portal" means you may have to "recruit" other units via other means, such as torture/conversion. Rushing is not really an option when you can train your creatures to higher experience levels. You also only build the structures, and hopefully attract the creatures you want, as different creatures like different structures. Building a good defensible dungeon is important as trap laying becomes very important when most of your creatures are off fighting.

Resource management is crucial, as gold is a limited resource, while mana regenerates over time. As you must pay your creatures, you do not have unlmited time to build up a huge army (nor can you, as portals are limited). Mana can be used up in many different ways, from creating imps and throwing thunderbolts to call your creatures to battle and recon the surrounding terrain.

However, the game is much more than just an RTS with a 3D engine. You can actually possess one of your creatures, thus gaining all of its abilities, including special talents and even some creature spells. Possess a warlock, and you can cast fireballs. Possess a dark elf, and you can use the "sniper" bow. This is the only "true" way to "lead" an army, and is actually a LOT of fun. You CAN win without doing this, but it's a lot easier to win by doing so.

The game also rewards micromanagement. Cast heal spells during the battle can turn the tide. Move the imps from one area to another will "reschedule" their priority. Slap a creature and it'll get a temporary increase in speed/morale (at the expense of a little health). Converting enemy units are not easy as they often die in your torture chamber if you don't keep an eye on their health.

You can play DK2 like a regular RTS, but you'll be sorely disappointed. Better enjoy it for what it is: a true multi-genre cross-over product that is worth getting to see what kind of creativity game designers have when they go for the games.

Windows · by Kasey Chang (4601) · 2001

Just boring

The Good
Idea is very good and people who liked DK1 will love this. Graphics are good and some jokes are funny!

The Bad
It's just a C&C clone. Every misison is the same build everything from scratch!

The Bottom Line
Be the lord of the dungeon.

Windows · by Heikki Sairanen (76) · 2000

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Dungeon Keeper 3 trailer

A game trailer for Dungeon Keeper 3 is available for viewing from the Main Menu-->Extras page. Thus far (2010), an official Dungeon Keeper 3 has yet to be released.


  • Dungeon Keeper 2 can keep tabs on the system time. Play too late into the night, and the advisor will tell you (out of the blue and with no warning): "Your nocturnal presence has prompted the following secret hint: GO TO BED!"
  • If the player doesn't do anything for a while, the game will say: "The very rock yawns in expectation of your next, fascinating move."
  • If a dungeon attracts almost exclusively Dark Mistresses, the advisor will say: "You have an excess of Mistresses... There's a word for Keepers like you..."

German version

In the German version the blood around corpses was removed and the torture animations were changed so that the torturing itself can't be seen.


Unlike Dungeon Keeper, the Horned Demon in this game, Horny, cannot be summoned in every level where the player has the right ingredients. In Dungeon Keeper 2, Horny is a unique character who must be specially summoned, and cannot appear more than once at a time.


Whenever the player selects a spell, an eerie voice says the spell's name in Latin. The Latin name for the Create Gold spell read by the advisor is Expressus Americanus. This is an obvious joke referring to the American Express credit cards.


Bullfrog have since released multiple patches that enhances the game, including Elite Creatures, a new creature type Maiden, and many more multiplayer maps. Check the Patch History for more detail.


Build a casino and set the bar at "generous". When one of the monsters wins the jackpot, the advisor loudly announces: "Jackpot winner!" and Disco Inferno begins playing throughout the dungeon. In addition, all monsters inside the casino will begin disco-dancing, each with their own style and moves. This little moment of evil frivolity lasts a couple of minutes.

Playstation Version

At the end of the 1998 reveal trailer (Horny's Interview : https://youtu.be/ZVVa84gacqY), Dungeon Keeper 2 was announced to be "Soon available for PC, Playstation and TV. The Playstation version was eventually cancelled, and so was the TV version (whatever it was intended to be).


  • Computer Gaming World
    • March 2000 (Issue #188) – Best Voice Acting of the Year (for The Keeper)

Information also contributed by Bhatara Dewa Indra I, DreamWeaver, Jake Beasley, Jason Musgrave and Kasey Chang.

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