Dungeon Siege

aka: Di Lao Wei Gong
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Located in the corner of the Aranna continent, the Kingdom of Ehb has recently gained independence following a prolonged war. One day, a small farming community is attacked by a band of wild creatures known as Krug. One of the farmers has to venture to the neighboring town of Stonebridge to seek help. During his travels he finds out that an even greater peril is threatening the land, and must find a way to stop it.

Dungeon Siege is a role-playing game sharing many similarities with Diablo. It is heavily combat-oriented and emphasizes item-gathering and gradual building up of the protagonist for purely battle-related purposes. The game's linear progression is determined by quests that send the protagonist to newer areas. Combat is handled in a point-and-click fashion; when the player character fights alone, it resembles the action-based fights of Diablo. However, other characters may join the party as well, at which point combat flows in real time, somewhat similarly to the semi-automated party battles of Ultima VII. It is possible to build formations and assign basic tactics to the party as well. When a character's health drops to zero, it becomes unconscious, and if left alone it will regenerate back to life. Other party members can speed up the healing process with spells. On the other hand if the enemies keep attacking the character will eventually die, and only resurrection spells can bring it back from the dead.

Unlike other role-playing games, there are no classes, but characters can improve up to four skills: melee, ranged, nature magic and combat magic. Advancing in a skill is done by simply using it. The characters become better at melee attacks if they fight with melee weapons, they can master nature magic if they cast nature spells, and so on. Using a skill will automatically improve one of three attributes: strength (necessary for melee), dexterity (ranged) or intelligence (magic).


  • 地牢围攻 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 末日危城 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Designer and Project Leader
Producer and Designer
Technical Lead
Art Director
Network Admin. and Assistant Producer
Concept Artist
Terrain and World Modelling
Animation, Modelling and Texturing
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Average score: 84% (based on 52 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 109 ratings with 11 reviews)

It could've been better....

The Good
Well where to start? The environments are beautiful and colorful. When you walk into a town you actually feel like your in this town. And the armor and weapons are in one word,wonderful. Awesome design and texture and cool names. The ability to gain followers is awesome and the sure fact it supports multiplayer is amazing. Play online and just show how much you rock. And the most fun I had was buying a donkey and overloading him.

The Bad
The things I thought could be better are that the shops sell armor so expensive that you have to kill for hours just to get armor to learn you can't even wear it. And sometimes they put high leveled enemies for when your only low level.

The Bottom Line
An overall awesome gaming experience. All fans of these kind of RPGs should definitely try it. Though I found it a little time consuming and not fun enough.

Windows · by Lord Dayin (9) · 2007

Probably the most boring game I have ever played!

The Good
The camera is done right and the graphics are cool

The Bad
This game is like plastic processed food. Everything seems to be right, the colors are brights, the packing looks inviting, the ingredients seems healthy to you and then you take one bite and want to puke your guts out. This is what this game feels like.

I am aware of the Hack & Slash genre, and played Diablo twice and enjoyed it tons. This game though is so mindless and repetitive that I did not even finish it. There is no real story or cut scenes to keep you going, it is just the same over and over again just with new monsters that have the same AI but with higher HP.

It seems that this is the first game that I never finished, it was just that bad. No matter how cool the graphics are, there has to be some sort of a story behind it. Otherwise, it is just like you are playing some giant demo of game crap.

The Bottom Line
If you feel totally bored and want to waste your life - play this game.

Windows · by The Gay Elf (12) · 2009

One of the NICEST, most Revolutionary NEW RPGs ever created! FUN as Heck!

The Good
I was AMAZED at the 100% seamless world! There are no zones, no load time at all anywhere! The graphics are not cutting edge, but ARE extremley impressive! There are 3 levels of gameplay you can choose at character creation, from easy to insanely hard. (People who complain about this game being too simple or easy fail to realize that the default setting is easy mode.)

The Dungeons are incredibly detailed and realistic. I had to pause and gaze in wonder the first time I entered the sewages, with debris floating by me, etc.. The "spider dungeon" succeeds in setting its mood, and being creepy. To see this stunning game in action go to this link:


If it does not work, go to this link:


There are many original monsters, like the crawling corpse - missing it's lower body! The AI is very intelligent.. monsters will and can chase you down until you some how hide, get away, or get killed. The greatest feature is how you can make a party with NPC characters you meet - then level them up AND switch from your "main" character and make the NPC your main character and your former main character a NPC! You can switch back and forth as much as you want. Send 5 members of your party to 5 different locations in the game world! It takes getting used to the new feeling of experiencing this incredible game feature! No other computer game has this feature done the way Dungeon Siege does it to PERFECTION!

This is a 100% skill based game. Any character can learn magic, melee, or ranged combat, and wear any armor - as long as they train in the needed skills. You can make your character be a high level warrior that can cast low level magic, a high level magic user who can wield a low level sword, or any kind of hybrid mix.

The Mules are one of the funnest, and funniest, game features in this game, that no other game has ever done! You can get actual Mules to carry your extra items. As you store more items on your Mules, the game shows the luggage on them increasing! LOL! And you can control each of your Mules as if they were your characters! (You can't level up your Mules though... but the Mules can help fight)

Combat is one of the best ever in a RPG game. Your arrows stick in the enemy, you can dodge enemy arrows. My favorite is casting magic Lightning (if your a Star Wars fan, this looks just like the Emperor doing his Force Lightning!). Not every dungeon, or area of the game needs to be visited to complete it... some dungeons, and areas are just there for the fun and challenge. And yeah, it's NICE how your character will just sip health potions drinking only enough drops needed to heal their exact missing health.

This game is super-L-O-N-G! There is a free playable Demo that can be downloaded (search for 'Dungeon Siege' on Google.com). The FREE demo is roughly 15% of the game and can take a few weeks to go through.

The Bad
Some of the monsters (Just a few) do not look like anything special. Like the very first monster you fight. They look like a wimpy, bland, wanna-be Orc. This game is L-O-N-G! Expect to take 3 - 6 months to complete it if you also have a normal regular life.

There are no spectacular puzzles. It's just find out the best way to use your offense (range, melee, and magic) and defense (healing from magic and drinking potions) to survive.

There's not much else dislikeable about this remarkable, revolutionary, RPG. It could've and should've been more heavily advertised - though it still did sell well and still was successful.

The Bottom Line
An ultra-modern medieval-themed RPG, with NICE graphics. And cutting edge, revolutionary game features. Some of it seems simular to Diablo, the majority of it builds on Diablo then does things 1,000 times BETTER than Diablo. The way the party system works - this alone makes this game a MUST to be played. Anyone who reviews this game negativly has NOT played it to the end! LOL! There are tons of dungeons, some are HUGE!

If you can get your hands on the recently released "Dungeon Siege Editor" you are in for an increadible trip! With the Editor you can create your OWN GAME! You can even make a replica of say... the world of Middle-Earth in Lord of the Rings. Or specific dungeons like Moria in Lord of the Rings. Or anything from your imagination!

Windows · by XplOrOrOr (14) · 2004

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1001 Video Games

Dungeon Siege appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


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    • 2002 – Tech W'd Like To See More Of Award (for its missing loading times)

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