Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

aka: TMNT 4, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
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Doesn't this Shredder dude ever take a break? Now he's gone and "kidnapped" the Statue of Liberty itself, and just as the Ninja Turtles were about to kick his butt, he tore open some kinda time portal thingy and flung them back into the past!

Now Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo have to fight their way through time and tons of Foot Soldiers, mutant wackos, and more in order to bring liberty back and slam Shredder's butt all the way to Dimension X! Go, Turtles! Kick some shell and save us!


  • ティーンエージ ミュータント ニンジャ タートルズ/タートルズ イン タイム - Japanese katakana spelling

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Credits (Arcade version)

13 People (9 developers, 4 thanks)

Game Programmer
Character Design
Graphic Design
Visual Design
Sound Designer
Music Composer
Hardware Design
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  • Konami



Average score: 80% (based on 21 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 91 ratings with 5 reviews)

The BEST TMNT game!

The Good
Lot's of new features have been improved in this port of this game such as the VS. mode, the time attack mode and added a new level. The graphics are close to the 1987 cartoon. They added in newer bosses. It's look's like Konami put lots of effort in this game.

The Bad
The animation isn't smooth as the arcade version. The levels can be long for some people. You can only play a 2-player co-op. You need to play the hard mode to see the ending, so I do recommend a Game Genie.

The Bottom Line
This game is one of the few popular arcade games from the 90's by Konami that's been ported to the Super Nintendo. Aside no port of The Simpsons or X-Men. If you like streets of rage or final fight then you will love this game. You might want to get on the XBLA or the PSN right now.

SNES · by Mario Duenaz (19) · 2009

Awesome 16-bit Turtle Power!

The Good
The original TMNT arcade game perfected the art of turtle power! It did so by building on the play mechanics of Double Dragon and Final Fight, while also adding its own, uniquely "cowabunga", comic book style.

The sequel did likewise, and I'm happy to report that this 16-adaption of the turtles second arcade game is equally praiseworthy.

Our fabulous, funky, kick-butt ninjas look and sound awesome. Game play mechanics are easy to learn, responsive and the ability to toss bad guys into the background was a cool feature.

The turtles battle the forces of evil in some beautifully designed levels, which once again highlighted the hardware advantages found in the Super Nintendo.

The 16-bit war between Nintendo and Sega were furious in the 1990s, and this is one of those early titles that showed just what the SNES could do.

The Bad
The damsel in distress storyline is a bit overdrawn in the video game franchise. April is a smart, streetwise reporter.

However. The number of times she has been captured does make you wonder if she developed some sort of unhealthy attachment to Shredder or Krang. Ok, maybe she would not be the best ninja warrior, but does she have to keep being the helpless lady?

Lastly, the hack 'n slash format is certainly not going to win any points for originality. It is wonderfully designed and executed in this game, but you are still basically moving left to right in order to hack at familiar enemies and bosses.

The Bottom Line
The turtles first leap into the 16-bit gaming world is an awesome one. It is a familiar sort of fast paced, hack 'n action, complete with a damsel in distress. If you can get a hold of this game, you will be glad that you did. Turtle Power!

SNES · by ETJB (428) · 2014

A tremendous TMNT side-scroller game!

The Good
On each level you get to pick one of the four Turtles and kick the shell out of countless badguy's. Each Turtles has way to many attack's to keep track of and each level has tons of cool bad guy's and each level has a boss at the end. The bad guy's include several different colors and types of Foot Soldier's, Roadkill Rodney's, Mouser's, Stone Warrior's, robots, and much, much more. The bosses include Baxter Stockman, Tokka, Rhazar, Krang, Shredder and more! Each level increase in difficulty an appropriate amount. The sound, music and graphics are far beyond this game's time period, and the dialogue is freakin' awesome! This game is Multi-player and there's a vs. mode, too, where you and a friend each pick one of the Turtles and fight each other, as well as a time trial's area.

The Bad
It's a little hard to get used to the control's, at least compared to other games. Each time you play it's the same thing, so it can get boring. if your only going to get one game for SNES don't get this one.

The Bottom Line
Get this game! It rocks!

SNES · by darthsith19 (62) · 2006

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Level design

Turtles in Time contains much of the same level design from the Genesis game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist, but with the addition of completely unique Time Travel levels.

SNES version

Though very close to the original arcade version, the SNES game has undergone several important modifications. For example, the turtles now are warped into the prehistoric period after visiting the Technodrome instead of the sewers, and the Technodrome now is the fourth level. Some bosses have been swapped, the stage set in the future now uses the Mode 7 feature, and so on.


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