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Wyrmsun is a free, open source strategy game which bears many similarities to WarCraft II both in its visual style and gameplay mechanics. Wyrmsun uses a modified version of the Stratagus engine, which is an open source engine recreation of WarCraft II.

The medieval fantasy setting of Wyrmsun combines elements from early European history and mythology, but also takes inspiration from the lore of another fantasy game, Battle for Wesnoth. Playable factions include historical Germanic tribes, and dwarves. There are also various non-playable races such as goblins or kobolds.

Wyrmsun supports both single- and multiplayer games. In single player, there are two distinct modes. The primary mode is very similar to the custom scenario mode from Warcraft II: there is a selection of maps to play against one or more AI opponents. Additionally, Wyrmsun includes a random map generator and a built-in editor, allowing players to create maps of their own.

A crucial difference between single player in Wyrmsun and WarCraft II is that initially the player has access only to basic units and buildings. To unlock more advanced technologies, it is necessary to earn technology points by completing campaign scenarios (called quests). Once a technology is accessed by spending points, it can be used during play on any map.

The second single-player mode is called the grand strategy game. This mode is divided into two parts. The player manages production, research and diplomacy of a selected faction on the global map. This part is turn-based. Combat, on the other hand, takes place in real time on tactical maps, similar to the regular single-player mode. Quests are also available in the grand strategy game.

Unlike many other fantasy settings, in Wyrmsun humans and mythological creatures do not coexist in the same world. Instead, human campaigns take place on Earth in a near-historical setting. However, in custom games, especially on random maps, human factions can be played alongside or against fantasy factions.

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