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Mickey's Space Adventure


Walking along one day, Mickey and Pluto come across a spaceship. After boarding the ship, they are given a quest by XL30 from the planet Oron. A long time ago, a thief stole the planets memory crystal and broke it up into nine pieces, hiding them on each planet in the solar system. It is Mickey's job to travel to each planet and locate the crystals so the inhabitants of the planet Oron may receive their memory back. Information about the different planets and locations visited are displayed on arrival, and XL30 may occasionally give clues through the ships computer. The interface for the game doesn't use a text parser, instead short sentences are created by using the cursor keys to highlight the necessary words from a selection on the screen. The game will also suggest better options if an illogical or impossible action is requested.

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The PC versions of Sierra's games often supported 16 colors on CGA with a composite monitor or EGA and Tandy with an RGB monitor. Although the 16 colors available on CGA composite displays are not the same as those available with EGA and Tandy, they are close enough so the RGB colors can be mapped to a reasonably similar composite color. However almost all of Sierra's games reverse red and purple on composite displays for some reason (what's red in RGB displays as purple on composite, and purple in RGB displays red on composite). Mickey's Space Adventure is unique in that this reversal turns out to be an advantage for the composite mode; Mickey's shirt and the planet Mars display correctly as red in CGA composite mode but purple in Tandy mode.

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