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Ports of Call

aka: Ports of Call Classic, Ports of Call: Classic Edition, Ports of Call: L'Ultime simulation maritime, Ports of Call: The Ultimate Marine Simulation, Ports of Call: Trotzen Sie den Herausforderungen auf den sieben Weltmeeren mit der absoluten Seeschiffahrts Simulation

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Ports of Call gives you the job of a shipowner. First you have to choose your hometown and after that you have to buy your first used ship. Then you have to charter freight and bring it to its destination. With this profit you can buy new ships and so on and on. You also have to repair your ships regularly. If you do not your ships will sink to the oceans.

Ports of Call is a classic German business simulation with some action sequences. In this sequences you must steer your ship into the port or have to rescue some shipwrecked people.

Up to 4 captains can play at one computer.

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