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Puzzle & Glory


Puzzle & Glory is a free-to-play, match-three card battler with RPG elements. Players collect and upgrade characters to progress through the fantasy world of Aetria, fighting an invasive force known as The Blight. Using teams of three characters, players compete in both PVE and PVP settings, forming guilds to cooperatively overcame raids and develop PVP tournament strategies. Typical dungeon loot includes cards, potions, dungeon keys, and reagents, which allow players to level their character's skills. Most content is structured in rotating three-day segments, rewarding rare cards to top finishers. Puzzle & Glory is free-to-play, but features in-app purchases to acquire more currency, which can be used to increase card capacity, buy chests of card draws, or train characters.

The bottom part of the screen shows the heroes, enemies are near the top and a board with jewels takes up most of the space in between. Players create matches of three gems or more, horizontally or vertically, to attack. Heroes gain strength through specific colours and enemies also have a weakness for a specific colour. Enemies attack based on turns. They target the heroes directly through their own matches on the board or create doom gems on the board that count down with each turn and need to be matched to remove them before they explode. Each hero has a specific skills and potions can be used during battles. Skills consume mana gathered through matches of specific colours. Fights often consist of multiple waves played in succession, often with a strong character at the end. Each hero earns experience separately, can level up, uses different types of items and weapons, and can use multiple skill points to unlock new skills. New heroes can be recruited and duplicate ones can be disenchanted as a form of training for that character. Heroes are trained through crafted items known as reagents.

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