Phantasy Star II

aka: PSII, Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star II Classic, Phantasy Star II: Kaerazaru Toki no Owari ni
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A millennium has passed since Alis defeated the ultimate evil in the first Phantasy Star. The planet Motavia of the Algol solar system is no longer the antlion-plagued desert: humans have constructed a sentient computer called "Mother Brain", which could regulate the climate of the planet, turning it into a thriving utopia. One night, a young Motavian government agent named Rolf awakens in his bed after having a nightmare. He sees a young girl fighting a demon, but he is unable to help her. Shortly afterwards, he learns that dangerous bio-monsters have broken free from the laboratories, and is sent there to retrieve a recorder that might contain valuable information about the terrible incident...

Like its predecessor, the game is a party-based Japanese RPG with randomly appearing enemies and turn-based combat. Eight characters can join the quest and can be swapped at will to participate in a combat party of four. Characters can equip a wide variety of weapons, including firearms; dual wielding is also possible. Various techniques which require "TP" (technique points, equivalent to magic points in comparable games) are learned by different characters at specific levels. Unlike the first game, Phantasy Star II utilizes the same top-down view for both navigation and dungeon exploration; the now-2D dungeons are notable for their complexity.


  • ファンタシースターII ~帰らざる時の終わりに~ - Japanese spelling
  • 梦幻之星2 - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 환타지 스타 2 - Korean spelling

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Credits (Genesis version)

20 People

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Mechanical Design
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Average score: 82% (based on 25 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 65 ratings with 2 reviews)

The Phantasy goes on….

The Good
As one of the first rpg’s released on the Genesis, PSII also marked a new beginning for both the series and the genre. In Phantasy Star II, players assume the role of Rolf, a young but incredibly capable agent working for the Motavian government. Motavia the once desert wasteland has been transformed in to a tropical paradise. Thanks to the Mother Brain, a supercomputer. One thousand years have passed since Alis and company defeated the diabolical King Lassic. Peace came. But winds of change are blowing.

The Mother Brain is malfunctioning, and hideous creatures stalk Algol. People of Motavia have become lethargic under the care of the Mother Brain. Rolf is sent on a mission to determine why the Mother Brain is blowing her circuits. Will he be smart enough to unravel this mystery? And will he be brave enough to save Algol?

Seven others will join Rolf in his quest.  The return of some heroes and villains from the original Phantasy Star will thrill phans. As will the improved graphics, sound, and battle system. Gone are the first person dungeons. Replaced with top-down dungeons. They are NOT any easier however.

Phantasy Star II, also boasts one of the most original plots in rpg history. Continuing the franchises incredibly original plot line. The first Phantasy Star introduced many plot twists that are now cliché. PSII, ups the stakes. With now common, evils of technology, and darker storyline, to name a few. Phantasy Star II is an amazing sequel to an amazing game.

The Bad
Most ‘bad’ elements of this game are NOT that bad. The game is incredibly difficult by today’s and yesterday’s standards. In fact Sega realizing this, packaged the game with a free strategy guide!

The translation of the game suffers as well. Back in 1989 this was not that big of a deal. Today it just doesn’t fly. Then again FFVII has one of the worst translations ever and no one seems to mind.

The Bottom Line
I would say that PSII is not only a worthy sequel, but also one of the finest rpgs of all time. It improves on its predecessor in almost all regards. Now wonder it is the favorite of most Phantasy Star junkies. Fans of old-school rpg’s owe it to themselves to check this one out.

Genesis · by MasterMegid (723) · 2006

Makes me glad I stayed away from RPGs until the mid-'90s

The Good
So the first Phantasy Star I played was Phantasy Star IV(in 1997) and it's probably still the best game ever in my book. Since I went back playing the previous three PStars, I've up till now been loathe to admit my true feelings for PStar II. The best thing I can really say is that clearly it led to PStar IV. It's graphically very similar and of course its story is referenced by PStar IV, though I'm happy to say, parts of it are ignored. I think the most flattering way I can described this game is, it's an unfinished practice run of some PStar RPG ideas.

The Bad
Well I've decided that a lot of pre-'90s RPGs aren't really worth playing and probably weren't worth playing back then either. So PStar II came at the end of the '80s and I suppose it's better than other '80s RPGs I've played e.g Ultima, but it's still awful as far as I'm concerned. It's a horrible bore to play. The story is so thin and stupid even taking into consideration translation problems e.g the idea that the Mother Brain just appeared in Algo one day and it's origins, which you discover in the end. I did find that it's possible to move through the game without too much "grinding" or retreating from dungeons to recover, but Dark Force at the end is an utterly disgusting battle concept and I almost quit the game, even being so close to the end. The whole "being corrupted by its evil" and then relying on chance for the Nei sword to purge the evil. The battle was almost unbearable.

The Bottom Line
If you play PStar IV first and love it, you'll want to check out the previous games, but I think PStar II will be a huge disappointment. PStar IV was a complete change of focus i.e the game actually had a story, one of the best and I think the game makers actually wanted the players to move through game/story fairly smoothly and enjoy it. I think for the time, it was the best introduction to RPGs you could ask for and I was lucky enough to be introduced to RPGs by it, but sadly the game is not very representative of the PStar series or necessarily of RPGs of the time, in general.

If you're someone who still likes playing '80s RPGs, well whatever, you might like PStar II. For all I know the game isn't torturous ENOUGH.

Genesis · by Andrew Fisher (697) · 2017


Japanese title translation

Phantasy Star II has a subtitle in Japan. In other versions of the game it was dropped. Roughly Translated it reads: "At The End Of Restoration". It has also been translated, as "At the End of the Time Which Can Never Be Returned". However, it also occurs within the ending text, where it is translated as "In The Final Days."


The technique, Megid, is short for Megido. In The Bible, Megido, is a city that is associated with the end of the world, therefore, Megid is a technique of ultimate destruction.


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    • December 1989 (Issue 5) - Best Sequel (Forecasting the 1990 Award Winners) (tied with Super Mario Bros. 3 and Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse)
    • December 1989 (Issue 5) - Best RPG (Forecasting the 1990 Award Winners) (tied with Heroes of the Lance)
    • October 1990 (Issue 15) - Most Challenging Video Game of the Year
    • November 1997 (Issue 100) - ranked #30 (Best 100 Games of All Time)


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