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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom

aka: PSIII, Phantasy Star 3, Phantasy Star III: Toki no Keishōsha, 梦幻之星3

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Long time ago, a great war between Orakio and Laya devastated the planet. A thousand years later, a young Orakian prince named Rhys decides to marry the beautiful Maya, his heart's chosen one. But during the marriage ceremony, a strange creature appears and kidnaps the bride. Were those the legendary Layans who kidnapped the princess? Whatever the answer might be, Rhys has to find it out on his own - he must rescue his beloved one.

The gameplay system of Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom is similar to that of its predecessor in the series: the player navigates a party of characters on a top-down overworld, visiting towns, exploring 2D dungeons, and fighting randomly appearing enemies in turn-based combat. The most noticeable change in this installment is applied to the setting. Unlike all other Phantasy Star games, it is initially set in a medieval fantasy environment devoid of the series' characteristic sci-fi elements. Gameplay-wise, this influences the usage of techniques, which are restricted to characters with a sci-fi civilization background who later join the party.

An unusual feature of the game is its generation system. The game's story spans three generations of characters, beginning with Rhys and ending with his grandchildren. Specific instances of the plot prompt the player to choose between two young women for Rhys to marry. Depending on this choice, the player will control different main characters during the second generation. Later, a similar choice is offered to both possible children of Rhys, splitting the subsequent story into four branches.


  • ファンタシースターⅢ 時の継承者 - Japanese spelling
  • 환타지 스타 3 - Korean spelling

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Brazilian version

The Brazilian version of Phantasy Star III is known for its bad translation, with some weird portions of text. But even weirder is the bug that happens if you use the ESCAPIPE trick at the start of the game (see Hidden message trivia section on how to perform this). The king will tell you something totally nonsense, and so will the guards (usually they would say nothing). It seems that what they speak are portions of text that would appear further in the game.

Hidden message

There is a hidden message in Phantasy Star III Start a new game. Un-equip Rhys, and sell his gear to the TOOL shop. Then purchase a ESCAPIPE. Enter the castle, as you normally would. When Rhys is taken to the dungeon. Use the ESCAPIPE. And talk to the King.

Japanese title translation

The Japanese title translates to Successors of Time in English.

Information also contributed by chirinea

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