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Karate Champ

aka: Arcade Archives: Karate Champ, Karate Dou

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Karate Champ is an action fighting game for one or two players.

In one player version the player has to master some skills at a karate school to be able to compete in a karate tournament for the national title. At the end of each match is a bonus round where the winner can earn extra points by knocking down flying objects that are tossed his way, breaking roof tiles/ice blocks or knocking down a charging bull on the beach!

In Player vs Player (two player) version, players compete against each other at twelve different locations to see who has the best karate skills! To win a match, the player must win two of three rounds by knocking down his opponent with a wide variety of karate moves. A full point or half a point is awarded for knocking the opponent down and the first player to gain a two point lead wins the round. When the 30 seconds time limit for a round ends, the player who has the most points wins. At the end of each match is a bonus round where the winner can earn extra points by knocking down flying objects that are tossed his way, breaking boards or knocking down charging bulls!


  • からてどう - Japanese Arcade title (Hiragana spelling)
  • カラテチャンプ - Japanese spelling
  • 空手道 - Japanese Arcade title (Kanji spelling)
  • 空手道 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 가라데 μ±”ν”„ - Korean spelling (Hangul)

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  • Berkeley Softworks
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1001 Video Games

The Arcade version of Karate Champ appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


Arcade publishers Data East sued System 3, claiming International Karate was a complete rip-off. It also used the same forward kicking (street) karate style.

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