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You're about to inherit the family jewels. If you can get to them, that is.

They're hidden inside the haunted mansion, which wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't infested with Draculas, Bats, Fire Blowers, Mummies, and other deadly weirdos. You'll have to ward off or destroy everything that gets in your way -- no matter how grotesque it appears. Furthermore, you'll have to keep punching your way through the mansion until you find the secret key. You then have to use it to open one of the five coffins, defeat Dracula, capture the jewel he drops, and make your way out of the mansion.

You play the role of Mick, and everything is going to stop you from completing these tasks and making you way out of the mansion. You just have to punch, or jump on, your enemies to defeat them. And arrows will be flying from either direction and will attempt to hit you on the head, and you must either duck or jump on them for extra points. You can jump or touch lights to freeze everything on screen for a few seconds. Rather than punching, you can collect a sword on the lower level by jumping on it as it flies past you. The sword is useful when you fight Dracula or getting rid of Fire Blowers.

You start the game with three lives, and receive an additional life every 50,000 and 150,000 points. You also have an energy meter. You lose energy when you touch one of the monsters. When you run out of energy, you lose a life. You gain energy by collecting treasures scattered throughout the mansion, and it is restored when you kill a Dracula.


  • ゴーストハウス - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 54% (based on 15 ratings)


Average score: 2.6 out of 5 (based on 15 ratings with 1 reviews)

Fun little platform action game

The Good
It's cute and simple and fun to play. The music is catchy. The Sega games that came out on a card were a cool idea also.

The Bad
The levels are a bit repetitive. Controls are a bit hard to get used to and it is possible to get stuck while getting attacked and you can do nothing about it.

The Bottom Line
This is your basic 8-bit action platform game in one of it's millions of incarnations. It has a spooky haunted house with vampires theme. You have to destroy a set number of vampires. You must kill a few things until you find a key. Then you must find a coffin and open it and kill the vampire. Your main weapon is a punch but you can power up to a sword for a limited time. This means less hits are needed to kill the vampires. When you open a coffin you have to avoid getting hit by the vampire but you must hit it to kill it so it gets a little tricky. If the vampire touches you then you freeze and get knocked back for a bit and loose some energy. The strategy involved besides finding all the coffins it to find the best spot to run to when you are attacking the vampires. You don't want to run off screen because then he goes back to his coffin. Jump into a light and you freeze the enemies for a bit. Jump past candlesticks on the wall and a sword comes shooting out at you. Jump on it and you get to attack with it for a few hits. Walk past a fireplace and an arrow comes shooting out at you. Jump on it for points. One good hidden power-up is to repeat this 10 times without missing. The screen flashes and you become invincible for a little bit. You need to time your vampire kills in later levels with the power-up and freeze to be able to kill the vampires.

SEGA Master System · by gametrader (208) · 2004


Brazilian version

A version of this game was released in Brazil called Chapolim x Drácula: Um Duelo Assustador, which translates to "Chapolim vs. Dracula: A Frightening Duel". Instead of Mick, you play Chapolim (El Chapulín Colorado in the original), a character based from a famous Mexican TV series, which still makes a lot of success in Brazil.


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