The Tone Rebellion

aka: Leviathan: The Tone Rebellion, Tone Rebellion
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The Floaters are a peaceful race of creatures who exist in their own world, drawing energy and magical power from a mysterious liquid known as the Tone. One day, an evil being called the Leviathan appeared in their world. His minions began draining the Tone pools. The Leviathan destroyed the civilization of the Floaters and split their world into several smaller ones. The surviving Floaters continued to exist, separated from each other, in these new worlds, eventually evolving into four different races. Now, the time for rebellion has come. The Floaters must join forces and destroy Leviathan and his servants.

The Tone Rebellion is a real-time strategy game (RTS) with light RPG and puzzle-solving elements. The player must first choose the Floater tribe he/she desires to control - Tarks, Zygons, Cepheans, or Dyla. Each tribe starts on a different island, and has different affinities to the realm types encountered in the game: Physical, Supernatural, Ethereal, and Natural. The player begins with a very small unit of Floaters around a tribal center. By harvesting Tone, the player can build new structures, unique to each race, increasing the number of units. The goal is to build a bridge to another island, eventually uniting all of them in the struggle against the Leviathan.

The Leviathan at first ignores the player's attempts to strengthen the Floaters, but after a while begins building his own structures, sending stronger units to oppress the rebellion. The RPG element is present in learning and developing magic spells. Units gather experience following successful combat, reaching higher skill levels and learning new spells.

Each island harbors mysterious artifacts, which must be collected and deciphered in order to understand how this particular island came into existence. These artifacts are put together much like puzzle pieces; completing a set of artifacts will enable the Floaters to successfully construct a bridge to the next island.

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The Logic Factory West
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  • Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
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Average score: 77% (based on 17 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings with 2 reviews)

Most innovative and surreal game of its time!

The Good
the mix of RTS, RPG and Adventure gameplay elements. The surreal environment, graphics and music. The awesome art style.

The Bad
none... maybe the art style is too surreal to some... but I love it.

The Bottom Line
Great innovative gameplay, and great innovative style. This is the game that challenges the limit of human imagination.

Windows · by DarkTalon (156) · 2000

Unique, ambitious, original, not fun.

The Good
I remember when I first played Warcraft, how disappointed I was when the first scenario ended and I realized it was divided into levels or missions, instead of allowing the opening position to expand continuously into one giant game. Tone Rebellion is a rare (unique?) real-time strategy game that is not level-based. Also it's like an adventure game in that there are puzzles to solve and artifacts to collect, and its universe is strange and original.

The Bad
It's totally uncompelling. The advances give your units higher numbers and a prettier appearance, but they do not give you any new abilities, except the ability to move into new screens that play exactly like the old screens. The single exception is the spell tower which has only six lousy spells. The dazzling variety of monsters have only two ways of fighting and zero intelligence. There's nothing to look forward to except the abstract goal of winning.

The graphics are simulated 3D, but the gameplay is only one-dimensional, with short, wide screens on which the only important motion is side to side. Tactically it's as simple as computer solitaire. Once you've been through a few screens and learned how to play, it's no longer interesting.

The Bottom Line
Fun to learn, innovative, very interesting from a game design perspective, but no fun to play.

Windows · by Ran Prieur (17) · 2004


The Tone Rebellion received a 35% rating from PC Gamer magazine (May 1998; reviewed by T. Liam McDonald).


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