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An updated version of White Wolf's earlier Empire game, which was based on a wargame dating back to early mainframe days. One to six players (human or computer with three levels of intelligence) compete to conquer the world using their ground, air, and sea units.

There are three versions of the game available: basic, standard, and advanced. The basic game provides the minimal types of units, a completely viewable map, and basic production rules. The standard game adds some new units, forces you to explore the map to view it, and slightly modifies the production rules. Finally, the advanced game (for the true wargamer) adds even more types of units, terrain effects on movement and sighting, and slightly more complicated production rules.

In addition to playing one or more people around the same computer, you could play via mail (by posting disks back and forth), e-mail, modem, network, or direct serial link.

The game also came with some preset scenarios and maps for players to use. Additionally, there was an editor that let players create their own maps and scenarios.

Copy protection was a compromise between security and player convenience. Rather than looking up a word in the manual every time the game was run, this was only required when running the separate executable that set game options. (Screen resolution, sound options, etc.) Naturally, you always had to run it before playing the first time.

White Wolf and New World Computing also released a scenario disk for the game and later released the Windows version with the extra scenarios on CD-ROM.

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Original Concept
Additional Programming
Music / Sound Programming
  • Bob Rakosky
  • Wallace Music and Sound Inc.
  • THE Audio Solution Inc.
Graphics / Artwork
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Average score: 80% (based on 9 ratings)


Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings with 4 reviews)

A classic, timeless masterpiece

The Good
"Empire" was first designed in 1979; this game is merely a modern update.

To say that "Empire" is addictive is like saying that the Pacific Ocean is sort of big. "Empire" was the beginning of the "Just one more turn and I'll go to bed" games. Even today, the simple but perfectly balanced gameplay make it a joy to play. Any new player will find himself engrossed in this game for hours.

The AI in Empire is better than in many games, and is difficult to find holes in.

The Bad
What's not to like?

The Bottom Line
A masterpiece. A seminal entry in the history of computer games.

DOS · by Rick Jones (96) · 2001

The Classic War-game gets a wonderful conversion

The Good
The attention to the original game for DOS (1987) was astute and fully realized. This was exactly the same game, except, I believe, planes could fly over ships.

By 1993, the most impressive thing about Empire was that it worked well in Windows 3.1, unlike most other programs written for that 16-bit beast of a partial OS. Aside from Compuserve, it was the only reason I opened Windows, and unlike Compuserve, it didn't crash.

The following was also true of version I:

Empire had a very useful group of commands which could automate a unit--or a group of units' movement. These included Escorts, Patrols, and Long Range movements, all of which could speed up your movement turn, and few of which have been used to speed up the turns of later, allegedly more advanced games by richer, allegedly more able companies.

The Bad
Just once in the 1990 period I saw a version of Empire being played on an Apple. It had space satellites and nuclear weapons. I've not seen it again but it led to some high expectations that were not realized on the PC/Windows version. This release was much about getting the game into a different OS than about changing the game.

The Bottom Line
It's Empire...except in Windows. (Like Solitaire...its in Windows too).

Windows 3.x · by Simon Haller (16) · 2004

A fine example of a classic wargame....

The Good
Empire Deluxe (ED) is a fantastic wargame that I remember playing on the Atari ST. My best friend kicking my ass as I frantically tried to understand tactics and flanks.

ED is a turn-based strategy game that holds it's own against today onslaught of RTS games.

There is no backstory to drive the game. It doesn't need it. You start with either a random world or scenario, or a pre-designed world/scenario. You start up and then start building up your armies.

Basically, then the game begins. Build Fighters, Bombers, Carriers, Transports, etc. ands unleash them aganst your opponent(s).

A few features make this stand out from other TBS games I've played.

1 - When ever you build a new carrier, battleship, submarine, etc. the program picks a random name from a list. A simple way to make it more personable.

2 - You can customize the advangates/disadvantages for each player. Lets say that you're a master wargamer, and you are playing 2 novices. You can easily set the game up to give the novices a production and Combat advantage to give them a fighting chance against a seasoned veteran.

3 - Custom Map Making/Scenario making is a great tool for those who like to make maps. With a little finesse you can re-create almost any battle from the modern era.

The Bad
The game's control aspect is a bit tricky. The right mouse button alternates from the "Orders" to the "Survey" map, and If you don't pay attention to the top right corner button (it shows which map you are looking at, i.e. Production, Survey, etc.) you can get confused very easily.

Another thing that should have been included is an actual progressive campaign. In this day and age of RTS campaigns, this game sorely needs one. Although I believe that if someone takes the time, you can create a fantastic campaign for this game.

The Bottom Line
This is a fantastic Turn-based strategy wargame. It's a no-frills game, with a no-holds-barred attitude. It a pure wargame. Side A vs. Side B and let the best wargamer win. Or at least the one with the bigger advantage :)

Windows 3.x · by Chris Martin (1158) · 2000

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Empire Deluxe was packaged with a notepad featuring New World Computing's emblem (a sword through the Earth) and contact information. Also included was an order form for the original Empire, renamed Empire Classic.


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