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Superman: The Man of Steel

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Two of Superman's biggest rivals, Brainiac 13 and Lex Luthor, have plans for world domination. It's nothing new for the caped hero, but he must use all of his strength to stop both villains from taking over the world.

Based on the comic books stories (and not the movies and animated cartoon series of recent years), you take control of Superman from a 3rd person perspective. You have full control of his many powers, from flying around at the speed of light to using freeze breath, x-ray and heat vision. Time is a factor, so you must complete each task quickly, whether it be fighting off goons to chasing down a crim.

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Studio Senior V.P.
V.P. Product Development
Executive Producer
V.P. of Marketing
Director, Product Marketing
Brand Manager
V.P. Marketing Services
Director of Creative Services
Director of Editorial & Documentation Services
Graphic Designer
Documentation Specialist
Director, New Business Development
Content Manager
Audio Director
Superman, Clark Kent, Cyborg
John Henry Irons (Steel)
Lex Luthor, Mongul
Lois Lane
Jimmy Olsen
Brainiac 13
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Average score: 4.1 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings with 1 reviews)

Up, Up, and Away

The Good
Superman the most benevolent of superheroes nay, even of all humanity almost godlike in his compassion and power which sometimes is his greatest weakness, yes more so than Kryptonite was conceived by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1932 and has since appeared in TV, Radio, Video games, and countless films he is easily one of the worlds most recognized Superheroes but sometimes his games have a hard time meeting standards does Superman: Man of Steel stack up?

The Release of Superman: Man of Steel was slightly controversial from early footage and info the game was hailed as possibly making a really good Superman game and being the greatest superhero game of all time OXM even had the game on the cover. Unfortunately this might have led to a lot of people particularly hard on the games faults because at the end of the day this is one of the better attempts.

The game begins with Clark Kent having a leisurely walk with Lois Lane when trouble strikes not soon after it appears that Brainiac is up to his old tricks again, you know world domination, murders and executions, and making Jerry Bruckheimer flicks, mass panic. Superman also suspects Lex Luthor and his evil company Sony, er I mean Lexcorp is involved even though he merely is acting coy, eventually Superman comes across Bizarro, Metallo, and Mongrul all leading back to crushing Brainiac 13’s plans.

The Gameplay revolves around this Superman will be in a level like Metropolis and in quick succession prevent a fire, robots attacking, bombings, bank robbing and assorted others other levels consist of a boss fight to stop a deadly foe. Defeating an enemy requires you to use a color coded system like a green robot=Freeze Breath in order to defeat, purple=heat vision, yellow=super punches, some people complained about this but in a way it works because it lets you try all the powers at your disposal.

The Graphics were impressive for the time and hold up pretty well considering the character models are well done but some of the environment is overlooked.

The Sound is good both the music and the sound effects work well the game also allows you to use custom soundtrack so you can add the classic John Williams Superman theme and the sound effects sound close to what certain things might sound like for example Flying, punching, and robots, the voice acting is similarly well done for the most part.

The Bad
Unfortunately the game Gameplay can add tedium and also the game requires ultra amounts of patience and multi-tasking but once you get in the flow of things the game becomes natural and doesn’t feel as annoying but I understand how this game does not appeal to everyone.

The Bottom Line
Overall this is a fairly enjoyable game if you give it time and are patient enough to put up with it I recommend this particularly to people who love Superman just to see the story and the inclusion of characters both classic villains and allies plus locales from the comic series like, war world, and The Phantom Zone check it out its fairly affordable.

Xbox · by Classic Nigel (108) · 2009


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