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Stellar 7

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In Stellar 7, a remake of the 1983 game, you drive the Raven, the most advanced Terran fighting vehicle. You are up against Gir Draxon and his evil Arcturan army. You will go from star system to star system, fighting his forces. When the enemies have been destroyed, a mothership flies overhead and beams down the Guardian of the star system, a giant enemy ship. When you reach the Arcturus star system, you will fight Gir Draxon!

The game is played from a first person view looking out from the cockpit of the Raven. It is in true polygonal 3D. Aside from a graphical and aural overhaul and the addition of cutscenes, the remake's gameplay and level design is virtually identical to the original, right down to the placement of each and every enemy. The major differences are the added "power modules" (e.g. supercannon, superjump) and a major boss creature at the end of every level.

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Lead Programmer
Art Director
Conceptual Artist
3D Artist
Shell Programmer
Additional Effects
Audio Director
Musical Composers
Panel Art Painter
Image Department Director
Sound Effects and Music Editor
Q.A. Engineer
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Average score: 72% (based on 14 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 27 ratings with 4 reviews)

First person battle tank simulation

The Good
Battlezone style game updated for VGA and the 90's. The intro cinamatics draw you right in.

The Bad
Runs too fast on my pentium.

The Bottom Line
Battlezone style taken to the max. Great cut scenes. Great old VGA graphics.

DOS · by gametrader (208) · 2000

The remake was not bad, but the power-ups made it too easy

The Good
Plenty of action, lots of enemies that requires different tactics, each boss is different, updated from B&W wireframe to glorious VGA colors...

The Bad
Virtually IDENTICAL to the classic version, except the boss, power-up, and VGA color/shading. Power-ups too powerful and ruin the balance of the game

The Bottom Line
Stellar 7 was a remake of a Battlezone (the Atari arcade game) clone back in the Apple II days. You drive the Raven, the most powerful combat tank Earth has produced, but you are alone against Gir Draxon's army. Along the way you'll face hovercrafts, several types of tanks, flyers, seeking drones, stationary cannons, obstacles, and more. Each system under Draxon's control (level) also is protected by a "guardian" (end boss). You must defeat each one to continue. Your tank is protected by shields (limited recharge available!) and a cloaking device (heavy energy use!). By destroying certain enemies you can find power-ups which will add capability to your tank, like supercannon, superjump, superthruster, etc.

The game is basically in-cockpit shoot-them-all. Your tank doesn't manuever THAT well, but it can turn/forward/backward. The gameworld is actually not that big but it "wraps" around so it feels infinite. This version is much prettier than the original B&W version, though the gameplay is virtually identical.

The game is too easy with the available powerups, as defeating the boss are very simple with them (except those that move around a lot).

All in all, Stellar 7 is a good game that illustrated the power of VGA graphics, but stay away from the powerups, as they tend to ruin the game.

DOS · by Kasey Chang (4601) · 2001

The first PC game I ever played...and it was great!

The Good
Back when I first played this game I was a fan of games in which you had to work your way through different levels to win the game and this game was one of those games. It had seven levels each named after a star that actually exists in our own galaxy (except Sol). I also liked the variety of enemies that you had to fight against. From what I can remember there were both ground units and air units with names like the sandsledge, the seeker, the hovercraft, the assault tank and the peculiar "warplinks" (what a name) that would transport you to the next level when you hit them. There was also a briefing which gave details about each of the enemies which contained an image of the enemy along with a voice over reading out the details.

The Bad
The music in the game was incredibly repetitive. Listen to the music on the first level and you will see what I mean.

The Bottom Line
All in all Stellar 7 was an outstanding action game. There were numerous enemies each with their own strength and abilities (the hovercraft could only operate on planets with an atmosphere) and a briefing which contained information about each of the enemies.

DOS · by James Walter (272) · 2002

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Stellar 7 was later released on CD. This version was the same as the disk version, however it featured digitized voices on all of the cut scenes instead of the opening scene only. The background music during the game could be played from any of the supported sound cards (which was the same as the disk version) or from CD audio. The video modes supported were the same in both versions, however the disk version supported MCGA in 256 colors and the CD version supported MCGA in 4 colors. (The 4 color MCGA looked the same as the CGA version except a custom palette was used.)

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