WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

aka: WC3:TFT, WarCraft III: Expansion Set
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Windows credits (2003)

323 people (319 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 380 credits.

Game Design
  • Blizzard Entertainment
Executive Producer
Team Lead
Art Director
Lead Designer
Lead Technical Artist
Writer & Creative Director
Battle.net Programming
Additional Battle.net Programming
Associate Designers
Campaign Lead Designer
Campaign Design & Layout
Additional Map Design
Script & Text Editing
Associate Producer
Cinematic Director
Cinematic Producer
Cinematic Executive Producer
Cinematic Editors
Cinematic Script Writers
Cinematic Artists
Cinematic Technical Artists & Tools Development
Additional Cinematic Artists
Audio Director
Audio Manager
Recording Engineer/Music Mixer
Cinematic Music Recorded by
Sound Design
Voice Direction
Additional Voice Direction
Voice Editing
Outside Voice Casting by
Outside Voice Casting Assistant
Additional VO Casting
Voice Acting
Campaign Feedback Leads
Campaign Feedback Team
Manual Development and Editing
Manual Artwork
Quality Assurance Manager
Assistant Quality Assurance Managers
QA Lead Testers
QA Technical Engineer
QA Team Leads
QA Compatibility
Game Testers
Additional Testers
Technical Support Manager
Assistant Technical Support Manager
Online Support
Technical Support
Technical Support Programmer
International Producer
Globalization Manager
Localization Manager Europe/ROW
Localization Senior Project Manager
Localization Project Manager
Linguistic Group
Localization Engineering Team
Localization QA Team
Localisation Media Team
Localization Certification Team
Business Development
Additional Business Development & Operations
Battle.net Producer
Battle.net Network Engineers
Information Technologies
Office Administration
Financial Management
Public Relations
Web Team
Legal Counsel
Global Brand Management
Marketing Creative Services
Packaging Cover Art
North American Sales
Direct Sales
International Sales, Marketing, & PR
Battle.net Hosting Partnert
  • AT&T
  • Telia
Bubble Boy Dunsel
Special Thanks
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