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Escape Velocity Nova

aka: EV Nova, EVN

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In Escape Velocity Nova (EVN) the player takes the role of a starship captain, warping from system to system, trading commodities and engaging in combat.

The game interface is, oddly enough, a top-down perspective, such as might be found in games such as Asteroids or Star Control. To maneuver, players simply point their ship in the direction they want to go and thrust. Stopping is as simple as turning in the opposite direction and thereby thrusting against the ship's current direction.

In addition to the exploration inherent within the game, there are also a number of side-missions that can be picked up by the player at their leisure, as well as a handful of storyline missions.

EVN is a very freeform game; players are not even required to peruse the story missions. They can focus on upgrading their ship, become a pirate, or establish a fleet in order to exploit profitable trade routes.

When players engage a ship in combat, it will become "Disabled" shortly before it takes enough damage to be destroyed. Players then have the option of stopping their attack in order to board the ship in order to steal credits, resources, or even the entire ship itself (it can either replace the player's own ship or be added to their fleet). Naturally, ship captures are not always successful.

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Credits (Macintosh version)

20 People (18 developers, 2 thanks)

Engine Programming
Concepts, Plot, Dialogue, Scenario Implementation, Graphics, Sound Production, Boolean Illogic, and anything else that may have been forgotten
  • ATMOS Software Production
Tools Programming
El Presidente
Technical Support
Accountant and Office Manager
Bitwise Operator
Front Desk
Special thanks to
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Escape Velocity Nova started life as a plugin in development by ATMOS Software for Escape Velocity Override. During its development, improvements were made to Ambrosia's Escape Velocity program code. Ultimately, ATMOS contacted Ambrosia and they decided to release Nova as the next game in the series.

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  • MobyGames ID: 9881


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