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Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind Credits


Produced byJohn A. S. Skeel, Cyndi Kirkpatrick
DesignMichael Berlyn
Additional DesignCyndi Kirkpatrick, John A. S. Skeel, D. Scott Williamson
Art DesignBeckett Gladney
Bubsy Design and AnimationKen Macklin
Music CompositionMatthew Berardo
Programming bySolid Software, Al Baker, D. Scott Williamson
Bubsy's VoiceBrian Silva
Animation and BackgroundsAdrian Bourne, Beckett Gladney, Ken Macklin, Michael McLaughlin
Additional Animation and BackgroundsFrank Cirocco, G. Scott Heckenlively, Kathy Rudis, Gail Redmond, Taunya Gren, Jeff Sturgeon
Music ConversionRudy Helm
Assistant ProducerJames Kucera (Mad Dog)
Quality AssuranceScott Barnes (Banzai), Steven Graziano (Toon), Kristi Elkins, Dexter Dorris
Additional ProgrammingRobert W. Calfee, Mike Schwartz, Russell Shiffer, Russell Borogove
Comic Book IllustrationKen Macklin
Comic Book StoryRichard Moran
Manual WritingPaula Polley
Creative ServicesShirley Sellers
MarketingLinda Blanchard
Special thanks toThe many others who worked on this project

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