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Ms. Pac-Man Deluxe Edition SNES Katakis | カタキス (40582)
Say hello to Pac's new girlfriend NES Katakis | カタキス (40582)
A nice improvement over the original. Game Boy woods01 (163)
A pointless conversion. PC Booter Tomer Gabel (4643)
A true conversion of a Pac-Man sequel for the Commodore 64. Commodore 64 Katie Cadet (10087)
Ready to eat with Pac-Man's girlfriend? Atari 2600 Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (113)
A good game for old PCs. PC Booter Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (113)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Android 5 3.7
Apple II 16 3.5
Arcade 10 3.5
Atari 2600 25 3.7
Atari 5200 12 3.5
Atari 7800 13 3.4
Atari 8-bit 8 3.5
BlackBerry Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 11 3.8
Game Boy 17 3.5
Game Gear 10 3.0
Genesis 17 3.4
iPhone Awaiting 5 votes...
iPod Classic 6 2.9
Lynx 11 3.8
NES 14 3.9
Palm OS Awaiting 5 votes...
PC Booter 23 3.3
PlayStation 4 Awaiting 5 votes...
SEGA Master System 11 3.1
SNES 18 3.8
TI-99/4A 10 3.5
VIC-20 9 3.6
Windows Awaiting 5 votes...
Xbox Awaiting 5 votes...
Xbox 360 8 3.9
Xbox One Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum 11 3.6
Combined User Score 265 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Atari 2600Woodgrain Wonderland (Jul 26, 2017)
If you’re planning on developing a well-rounded 2600 collection, Ms. Pac-Man is a must-have. If you just want to play Ms. Pac-Man, there are other readily-available options that are closer to the arcade version (the NES alone has two separate Ms. Pac-Man titles).
The straightforward but challenging play, combined with a cornucopia of options, ensure that this classic remains deliciously fresh.
Bally/Midway, the makers of the coin-op version, issued Ms. Pac-Man as "a thank you to all the female gamers who supported the games' male counterpart, Pac-Man." To say this game is for girls only would be ludicrous. This is one everybody can enjoy. A solid buy, for sure.
Ms. Pac-Man is everything Pac-Man should have been. It's a good-looking game as well as a good-playing game. The only question is: Why couldn't Atari have done this the first time?
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Considered by some as little more than a feminine version of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man is a much better game than her influential older husband's. Ms. Pac-Man has four different mazes, the gameplay is faster, and the ghosts have smarter AI, meaning it is virtually impossible to establish the type of patterns so common among Pac-Man experts.
LynxThe Video Game Critic (Jun 11, 2013)
This cartridge also has an extra surprise up its sleeve in the form of a second set of extra-wide boards (ala Pac-Man Junior). These are even more fun especially with the addition of the lightening icon. It gives you a turbo boost which makes it easy to round up all four ghosts for mega-points. Ms. Pac-Man looks great on the Lynx, going far beyond my expectations.
Atari 2600TeleMatch (May, 1983)
Kritisch muß man fragen, ob nicht die Inhalte beider SpielCassetten auf eine gepaßt hätten, aber das Geschäft muß wohl blühen.
Atari 2600Tilt (May, 1983)
Mais ne croyez pas qu'Atari réedite là son Pac-Man original, sous un nom différent. Tout a été considérablement amélioré et l'on retrouve dans la cartouche pratiquement toutes les caractéristiques du jeu d'arcade : le bruitage, tout d'abord, vous séduira ; il n'a aucun rapport avec celui de Mister Pac-Man, qui paraît bien pauvre lorsqu'on a joué avec Mrs Pac-Man. Mais c'est surtout le graphisme qui a pleinement bénéficié du bain de jouvence Atari. Les fantômes sont désormais parfaitement identifiables, grâce à des couleurs et des caractéristiques qui leur sont propres ; de plus, leur clignotement, épuisant pour les yeux, a pratiquement disparu, alors que leur agressivité a encore augmenté.
Atari 8-bitThe Video Game Critic (Dec 28, 2002)
While many sequels fail to match the quality of their predecessors, Ms. Pac-Man well surpassed the original Pac-Man. This game is absolutely timeless - kids will be playing Ms. Pac-Man 100 years from now. And except for the arcade original, you're not going to find a better version than this Atari 8-bit edition. The graphics, music, sound effects, and intermissions are all faithful to the arcade, and the high score is displayed on top of the screen. I especially like the sound effects of the fruit bouncing around the maze. The difficulty is perfect, although Blinky (the red ghost) seems particularly aggressive. In a way this version is even better than the arcade game, because you can choose between eight skill levels. The control is perfect. I had a lot of fun with this one, and you will too.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic (May 26, 2003)
Little. Yellow. Different. Better. Not only is this a better port of the arcade game than the Atari 5200 Pac-Man, but the changing mazes and bouncing fruit make it a better game overall. It may run a bit slower than Pac-Man, but the graphics, maze designs, and heart-warming intermissions are identical to the arcade. The ghosts now have white eyes and the fruits are easy to distinguish. Unlike the speedy 5200 Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man plays at about the same speed at its arcade counterpart. You get five lives to start with, but this is offset by smarter ghosts that change directions unexpectedly. With solid control and a variety of skill levels, Ms. Pac-Man is practically flawless.
Atari 2600The Atari Times (Jan 27, 2002)
Atari just did a fantastic job with this game. If you're looking for a game from the Pac-Man series, grab this one. It's a common cartridge and can be found easily at whatever source you visit to obtain vintage video games.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Jun 17, 1999)
Wow - this is an outstanding version of the popular arcade game. In fact, this puts the original Atari 2600 Pac-Man to shame. The graphics are surprisingly faithful to the arcade, and the control is dead-on. All of the mazes from the arcade are present, so the only thing missing is the intermissions. My only complaint is that the game is a bit on the easy side. An expert variation with smarter ghosts would have been nice.
Atari 7800The Video Game Critic (Dec 19, 2006)
In general though, the colors appear more vibrant than most Atari 7800 titles. This version of Ms. Pac-Man is faster than most, and even in the very first stage she moves at a brisk pace. The controls are responsive but could be more forgiving; it's possible to get hung-up on turns if you're not exact with the controls. But the biggest flaw is the fact that you begin with five lives instead of three. If Atari was trying to emulate the original arcade game, why water down the difficulty with excessive lives? Even so, this game is a true classic, and it's as fun to play now as it ever was.
90 (UK) (Oct 25, 2007)
Featuring a set of six different mazes, moving fruit, lipstick and a bow, Pac-Man's civil partner gathered billions of dots across worldwide arcades to outsell her lover's machine by over 15,000 units. Despite her abundant availability, the splendid history and sheer desirability of Ms. Pac-Man makes her original coin-op a corner stone of arcade collecting, while being a damn good game to boot.
Atari 2600Atari HQ (2001)
Those let down by Pac-Man should find relief with this cart, and it does the series proud. Not one to be missed, especially by Pac-Man fans.
LynxThe Atari Times (Jun 17, 2014)
Don't tell my wife, but I love Ms. Pac-Man. She represents video gaming far more than Lara Croft or whoever else is the female character of the month in gaming. As versions go, the Lynx version is very close to the original arcade and I would play it often if my Lynx got more regular use these days. Is it a showpiece for the power of the Lynx? Not really. But I bet if you had a stack of Lynx games to choose from, Ms. Pac-Man would definitely get a, "Cool, time for a game!" from any passerby. Now, my final question is: When is Ms. Pac-Man Championship Edition coming out?!
Atari 7800The Atari Times (Jan 27, 2005)
Actually, there isn't really much of a review to do after just explaining the game, since the 7800 version plays a lot like the arcade version. The controls are good, as are the graphics in comparison, the sounds are sufficient (nothing huge to them or anything, but they work), and you get some intermissions too. You also get the choice of starting a game from one of the later levels as well, if you want. What else can I say, except to pick up this lady if you haven't already.
NESAll Game Guide (1998)
There are several different modes of play in Ms. Pac-Man for the NES, but the original arcade mode is the best part of the game. Everything else is just icing on the cake. The strange mazes, the two-player simultaneous modes, the Pac-Booster (which lets you go super fast), and the crazy difficulty level: these things are fun and add a little more bang for your buck, but the standard arcade mode alone is reason enough to add this game to your collection of early 1980s arcade classics.
Atari 2600All Game Guide (1998)
Ms. Pac-Man herself actually looks circular in nature, each ghost is a different color, and unlike the Atari 2600 Pac-Man, there is fruit instead of a bizarre "vitamin." The maze changes color and layout every few levels, and the introductory music sounds similar to the Arcade version. Along with Jr. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man shows that the Atari 2600, when properly programmed, is capable of some relatively remarkable things.
Atari 2600Game Freaks 365 (2000)
Unlike Pac-man, which has a tendency to get old fast due to its lack of diversity, Ms. Pac-man has enough depth to be worth playing over and over again. I remember that I used to be addicted to this game when I was younger, and even now I still have fond memories of this game. If you have an Atari 2600, you owe it to yourself to add this game to your collection.
Trotz Joypad geht die Steuerung gut von der Hand, und dank anständiger Grafik und flottem Sound hat Ms. Pacman auch 1990 kaum Staub angesetzt. Dieses Game muß man haben!
Xbox 360TeamXbox (Jan 10, 2007)
You can get the missus on the hard drive for only 400 MS points, which is pretty cheap considering many of us played this difficult coin-op at twenty five cents a pop when gas was less than a buck per gallon. We recommend that classic and compilation gamers scoop Ms. Pac-Man up if they have the joystick or if they can put up with a few movement mistakes with a normal controller. Younger gamers may also want to check Ms. Pac-Man to see just how “bad” it was back in before they were born.
In between certain levels, you are treated to short but cute vignettes of the Pacs’ relationship, including the birth of Pac-Man Jr. (by stork, naturally). This game is very simple and has few frills, but still provides an addictive gameplay experience, as expected.
80 (Dec 09, 2008)
If you have a hankering for some old-school gaming, this version of Ms. Pac-Man for the iPhone delivers most of the fun of the arcade original, with a few extra features that enhance the overall experience.
SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
This version of Ms. Pac-Man never pretends to be an exact Arcade duplicate (for that you need Namco Museum Volume 3 for the PlayStation), but it works quite well for its intended purpose: entertainment.
Game GearGamePro (US) (May, 1994)
Younger players who don't remember the original will be fascinated by the maze game that made millions. The controls are easy to learn and this is one game you don't need a manual to play. Ms. Pac knows her stuff and she's ready to show it on the Game Gear. You go, girl!
80 (Aug 14, 2004)
My family had some friends come over last weekend and we played this game like it was going out of style. Our friends were absolutely amazed by it. I leave you with this, if you are looking for an exact arcade port, this is pretty close, even though more precise ports exist for other consoles of course due to emulation and newer technology. The cool thing is, this is NOT a direct arcade port, its BETTER. There, I said it. I know some of you guys with Pac-Man fever may try to track me down for saying such a thing but its true. Try it and you will agree.
LynxIGN (Jul 06, 1999)
A decent adaptation overall, and a good game in its own right. I suspect whether or not you'll buy this depends on how willing you are to have a Pac-Maze-game on the Lynx. If you are interested, the Lynx version will not do you wrong.
Overall, this has become one of my favorite versions of Ms. Pac-Man on any system. I think it is also, by far, one of the better games available for the Lynx. Aside from physical limitations which are attributed to the Lynx handheld itself, Ms. Pac-Man has earned good marks on this platform and deservedly so. If you don't already have a copy, do try to find it on ebay or any other place that may carry Lynx games. This isn't one of the rarest Lynx games out there, but it may not pop up as commonly as some traditionally so-so ones such as Kung Food and Xybots. It's hard to go wrong with a hot video game babe like this one!
Xbox (UK) (Jan 22, 2007)
If you've studiously dodged it for all these years then Ms. Pac-Man is definitely one of those all-time classics you almost have a duty to have in your games collection (Needless to say, if you weren't there at the time, then don't expect to get what all the fuss was about, ok?). Despite being perfectly emulated, it suffers a little from the same control niggles that seem to affect all the retro arcade games on Live, but apart from that is represented in fat-free form, just as nature intended (unlike this flash version). In summary, Ms. Pac-Man is still a joy to play. Simplicity itself, elegant, addictive, manic and somehow timeless. Download the trial and see for yourself.
Atari 2600VideoGame (Jul, 1991)
Ms Pac Man é o herói mais antigo dos jogos de video game. Neste jogo a grande dica é comer as vitaminas grandes, tornando-se assim, invencível.
LynxRaze (Feb, 1991)
The action of the young lady in question - who, theoretically, might not be Mr. Pac-Man's wife - is basically the same as that of her predecessor. The maze hasn't changed, with the two exists, bits of fruit, power pills, etc. But the ghosts are much faster and more intelligent than in the original game. The difficulty level is the only significant difference between the two games, which is not saying much for the Lynx version of Ms Pac-Man when the original Pac-Man is over ten years old. In fact, that's the main problem with this game, there's just not enough content. Having a portable Pacman is fantastic, but surely Pacman '90 and not Ms. Pacman 82?
Even though it's quite small on screen. Ms PacMan is perfectly formed, and has all the thrills and spills of the original. The lack of variety is a bit of a bugbear, but if you're after a bit of nostalgia, this is well worth looking up. It wont keep you occupied for weeks, but it offers a fun and non-violent challenge which will appeal to anyone.
LynxDefunct Games (Jul 11, 2004)
All in all Ms. Pac Man is the better of the Pac Man's on the Lynx (or any other portable for that matter). If you need your Pac Man fix you can't go wrong with this ... and hey, at least it's better than Pac Land!!
PC BooterPC Magazine (Aug 07, 1984)
It's hard to pin down exactly what it is that gives Ms. Pac-Man her allure. She's just, shall we say, a bit more seductive than her male friend. It's a question of artistry, and, as noted earlier concerning Hard Hat Mack, you've either got it or you don't. Here's to you, Ms. Pac-Man — you're one classy dame.
Atari 5200The Atari Times (May 22, 2006)
Ms. Pac Man may not be the most original game in the world but this spin off of Pac Man not only attracted more female players to the once male dominated game market but it also got the average arcade goer (like me) interested too because of its more in-depth and challenging game play. Even though I have my copy of Ms. Pac Man complete with the box and instructions but lets face it, the game is so easy to play that you don't need to read booklet to understand what's going on here. That's the beauty of a good Pac Man game, eh? The only problem is that the controller isn't always responsive when she going around corners (again those awkward 5200 controllers become a problem) so you may die a lot and there are a few flickers now and again as well. Despite a few issues Ms. Pac Man for the 5200 is well worth looking for.
Yes, she's back in a game that is identical to the arcade. You know the point: run around and eat, eat, eat you way to victory. Fans of the arcade classic will surely want to pick this one up. This is a simple, fun game.
Xbox 360IGN (Jan 10, 2007)
In all, Ms. Pac-Man is a satisfying game. I've been hooked on it for years and my brother and I still have competitions for high scores. Younger players who haven't tried Ms. Pac-Man should understand that the biggest difference between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man is that the original, Pac-Man, only offers one map. You play the same one over and over again. Ms. Pac-Man has about 256 maps, 250 of which you'll never likely to see. It's also tough. But watching a really good player is impressive and encouraging. I hooked a few younger IGN staffers and they now love Ms. Pac-Man. And really, shouldn't everyone love Ms. Pac-Man?
LynxneXGam (2005)
Pac-Man bleibt einfach Pac-Man, daran ändert auch ein Wechsel des Hauptprotagonisten nichts. Folglich werden Fans genau das vorfinden, was sie vorzufinden wünschen und wer schon damals vom Original gelangweilt war, dürfte sich auch hierfür nicht erwärmen. Kann man also haben, muß man aber nicht!
What is there to really say about Ms. Pac-Man? The original arcade was a whole lot of fun. Sure, it wasn't a Mario 64 with the flashy graphics, but it was a blast to play. This new version of Ms. Pac-Man for the Super NES is the same way. It doesn't have scaling and rotation effects. It doesn't have cool sounds or cool graphics. For some, I can see how this is old-fashioned but for me, it's refreshing. I liked all of the various modes you can change like the size of the board and they type. The turbo addition is a nice touch, too. I was a little surprised to see slowdown at times when the board scrolled up or down.
NESDefunct Games (Feb 15, 2013)
Playing it now, Ms. Pac-Man is a slightly flawed port of an arcade gem. I was impressed with the presentation and had a lot of fun trying to beat my high score. This may not be a very impressive cartridge, but it gets the job done. If you have to choose between Pac-Man games, Ms. Pac-Man is always the right answer.
Apple IIMicro 7 (Jun, 1984)
En progrès pour l'animation et la variété, « Ms Pacman » a connu un étonnant succès auprès d'un public qu'on aurait pu croire gavé de pastilles avec l'original.
ZX SpectrumYour Spectrum (Mar, 1985)
Surprisingly, this offering from Atarisoft is much better value and a superior program to its original Pacman!
GenesisPower Play (Feb, 1992)
Logischerweise kann das einfache Spielkonzept mit der Komplexität moderner Geschicklichkeitsspiele nicht mithalten, trotzdem hat mich das Modul überzeugt. Entweder man liebt's oder man ignoriert's - das Prädikat "Beste Ms. Pac-Man-Variante aller Zeiten." ist der Tengen-Adaption allerdings nicht zu nehmen.
Game BoyMega Fun (Jul, 1994)
Obwohl daß Orginalspiel schon über ein Jahrzehnt auf dem Buckel hat, macht es doch immer wieder erneut Spaß, sei es mit Pac-Man oder jetzt dessen Frau, wenigstens ein paar Levels zocken, und so die tückischen Geister auszutricksen, die Euch am Drops-Sammeln hindern wollen. Da kommt es gar nicht auf Grafik oder Sound an, die bei Ms. Pac-Man eher mies sind, dem eigentlichen Spielspaß jedoch nichts anhaben. Auch finde ich die Idee mit dem herangezoomten Spielfeld recht gut, dieser Spielmodus kann sich aber nicht durchsetzen, da er auf Dauer einfach zu schwer ist und ein Weiterkommen in Frage stellt. Insgesamt ist Ms. Pac-man ein durchaus amüsantes Spiel für allerlei Kurzweil, doch für längere Zeit mangels Abwechslung nicht empfehlenswert.
Xbox 360Gaming Target (Mar 13, 2007)
In the end, Ms. Pac-Man is still a video game classic and it holds up just as well today as it did almost 25 years ago. Playing with the Xbox 360 controller is a hassle, so this version shouldn't be held up as the gold standard by anyone, but the added Achievements and Leaderboard options make it slightly more appealing. If you've already got a version of Ms. Pac-Man on any of the dozens of collections its already appeared in you probably don't need this one. But if not, and you've got five bucks to spare, you really can't go wrong with Ms. Pac-Man.
GenesisMean Machines (Feb, 1996)
You can get used to the controls, but it's still a compromise.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Jan 11, 2007)
But beyond those control issues, this is a fine emulation of a classic arcade game. If that's all you're looking for, you'll find it here. But when you consider that most other classic arcade games on Xbox Live Arcade are receiving more substantial updates and options, such as online play or optional graphical updates, Ms. Pac-Man feels a bit flat by comparison.
LynxRetro Game Reviews (Jul 23, 2015)
Ms. Pac-Man should be a perfect fit on the Atari Lynx but the difficulty is just too high; as a result most people probably will only play for a few minutes before becoming disheartened. It's a real shame too as the gameplay mechanics are generally enjoyable.
Game BoyPlay Time (Aug, 1994)
Spieler mit einem ausgeprägten Hang zur Nostalgie dürfen somit zuschlagen, zumal der Sound so herrlich veraltet klingt.
Game BoyMegablast (Sep, 1994)
Zwar macht die Hatz auch heute noch Spaß, trotzdem ist Ms. Pac-Man wohl eher ein Kuriosum für Nostalgiker. Denn altmodisch ist hier auch die windige Strichgrafik. was selbst ein mondänes Feature wie die zweistufige Zoomfunktion (entweder ist ein scrollbarer Ausschnitt oder das verkleinerte Gesamtlabyrinth am Screen zu sehen) nicht kaschieren kann. Piepsen und Tröten muß als Sound genüge,. die Steuerung ist ein wenig unpräzise, unid vier Irrgärten sind nun wahrlich nicht die Welt. Wie gesagt: ein Kuriosum für Nostalgiker.
LynxGénération 4 (Jan, 1991)
Que vous dire de cette adaptation d'un grand classique de l'arcade (Namco 1982 !), si ce n'est que les aficionados ne seront pas déçus ; ce jeu a toutes les caractéristiques de son original, même les animations entre les tableaux avec Monsieur et Madame qui se courent après.
iPhoneModojo (Jul 21, 2008)
Aside from the unique controls, there's little else to the game, other than three difficulty levels and a High Score section. That said, it's not like we expected fireworks and snazzy audio effects. Ms. Pac-Man is a timeless classic and one of the greatest video games of all time, and we're glad Namco Bandai brought it to iPhone. We disagree with paying $9.99 for it, and none of the control schemes are better than the arcade machine's knob, but compared to other apps, it's among the best.
GenesisJoystick (French) (Apr, 1992)
Très lassant pour ceux qui connaissent peu ou pas Pac-Man (si ils existent), hyper génialement extraordinaire pour ceux qui dépensaient, il y a dix ans de cela, des sommes indécentes dans la borne, Pac Man est un jeu qui ne devrait pas être noté car deux chiffres ne peuvent traduire plus d'une décennie d'existence, plus de dix années de bons et loyaux services, même si, et je me répère, Pac-Man n'est pas et n'a jamais été ma tasse de thé.
Xbox 360UOL Jogos (Jan 12, 2007)
"Ms. Pac-Man" para Xbox 360 é uma emulação perfeita do fliperama mais vendido da história. Mas levando em conta a qualidade dos jogos para a Live Arcade - que geralmente acompanham multiplayer online e gráficos ligeiramente atualizados -, o jogo fica bem abaixo da média. Para quem deseja somar pontos ao seu perfil os cinco dólares será um bom investimento. Talvez seja esse o intuito dos produtores da Namco.
Game GearGame Players (Jul, 1994)
Guide the familiar pink-bowed yellow spot as she eats power pellets and avoids...well, you know. This score big points in the nostalgia department, but it just can't compete in the modern gaming world.
iPod ClassicIGN (Jun 01, 2007)
Even though Ms. Pac-Man is a better game than the original Pac-Man, it's still hobbled by the click-wheel. Let's face it -- the click-wheel is not a good controller for action games that require precise movements like, well, Ms. Pac-Man. If you want to download a game or two for your iPod, there are better choices -- but if you must have a pellet-gobbler, definitely choose Ms. Pac-Man over Pac-Man.
LynxPower Play (Feb, 1991)
Trotz des relativ simplen Spielprinzips muß man den Atari-Programmierern ein Kompliment machen, denn sie haben das Spiel absolut fehlerfrei umgesetzt. Alte Pac-Man-Strategen werde nicht nur die intelligente Logik der Geister zu schätzen wissen. Keine Frage, daß Ms. Pac-Man den Anforderungen eines "modernen" Spiels nicht mehr gerecht wird, doch alte Pillenhasen wird diese gelungene Version erfreuen - mich inklusive.
Game BoyTotal!! UK Magazine (1994)
Okay, it's a bit expensive for what it is, but it's a classic nonetheless. If you happen to have the memory of a chicken, then this is the game for you.
SEGA Master SystemVideo Games (Apr, 1992)
Die Umsetzung als solche ist mehr als gelungen und entspricht in Sachen "neue Features" der Mega-Drive-Variante. Grobe Fehler oder kleine Unterlassungssünden wurden nicht begangen; für Fans ein Schnäppchen. Für den Rest der Spielewelt gibt's allerdings verdammt wenige Gründe, sich das Modul zuzulegen. Wer überhaupt noch kein Pac-Man-Spiel zu Hause hat, der darf zugreifen. Dasselbe gilt für junge Master-System-Besitzer.
SNESTotal! (Germany) (May, 1997)
Letztendlich ist Pac-Mans weibliches Gegenstück, ebenso wie er selbst, heutzutage nicht mehr gerade das Gelde vom Ei. Bedenkt man das fortgeschrittene Alter des Spiels, ist das ja auch wenig verwunderlich. Daß das Spiel mit der Dame dennoch 90 DM kostet, ist allerdings kaum zu verzeihen, zumal Ms. Pac-Man außer dem Zweispieler-Simultanmodus keine Neuerungen zu bieten hat.
SEGA Master SystemGamesCollection (Nov 23, 2007)
Da consigliare solamente agli amanti di Pac-Man avvisandoli che probabilmente anche loro potrebbero rimanerne delusi
iPhonePocket Gamer UK (Jul 21, 2008)
The question is one of value and comes from the rather heavy price tag wrapped around a very old, frequently ported and overplayed game. Were that price tag closer to a third of its current £5.99 asking price it'd be a lot easier to recommend, but six quid (and a poorly shark) restricts Ms Pac-Man to ardent retro-heads only.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (May 03, 2006)
Ms. Pac-Man's directional movements are extremely touchy and unforgiving to say the least. Almost every time you die, it's because the defective controls sent you off in the wrong direction. The Genesis controller is definitely no substitute for a good joystick. There's another issue regarding the two-player simultaneous play. Since all the mazes (except mini) scroll up and down, when the players spread out, one tends to scroll off and is forced to play "blind". Despite its flaws, there are some terrific variations in this cartridge that you won't find elsewhere. The new mazes are well designed, and the boost option allows you to be super aggressive and clear out each maze in a hurry. But if you ever wondered why this cartridge never made much of a splash, now you know.
iPod ClassicMacworld (Apr 06, 2007)
All in all, Ms. Pac-Man is a thorough recreation of the original arcade game on the iPod. A tiny display and awkward controls mar the experience, however, just like its predecessor.
Xbox (Mar 12, 2007)
Waarom wel: klassieke Pac-Man-gameplay is behoorlijk tijdloos
Waarom niet: toevoeging van savegames haalt alle uitdaging uit de game, gameplay-concept blijft niet lang genoeg boeien
Game BoyTotal! (Germany) (Apr, 1994)
Der Sound wurde Original übernommen, leider ist es kein Genuß, dieser fossilen Melodie zu lauschen. Die Grafik ist durchschnittlich, schade ist nur, daß die vier Geister nicht zu unterscheiden sind. In der Automaten-Version waren sie unterschiedlich schnell, und sie bewegten sich nach verschiedenen Mustern. So ist Ms. Pac-Man ein netter Versuch ein altes Game umzusetzen. Das Spielprinzip ist leider leicht verfälscht, jedoch gibt es dafür einen witzigen Zweispieler-Modus.
Game BoyPlayer One (Jul, 1994)
Mais le phénomène Pac Man a mal vieilli. Destiné exclusivement aux nostalgiques.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk (Jan 18, 2007)
Overall the 400 points that you’ll need to spend on this arcade title are more than likely better used to enhance your Lumines Live! experience, especially if you’ve already been bitten once by the Pac-Man bug. Gamers who absolutely need this title may enjoy the game for a short time, but other gamers will be feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse not long after obtaining the easiest 170 gamer points around. Skip this title and help spur innovation on the arcade.
It’s hard to stick up for Pac-Man’s wife/girlfriend/significant other in situations like this. Sure, she’s prettier and has more to offer, but she’s asking far too much for her services. That rarely leads to a successful sale.
LynxPlay Time (Jun, 1991)
Vom Aufbau her hat sich bei der LYNX-Version von Ms.PAC-MAN, im Vergleich zu allen anderen verfügbaren Versionen, nichts erhebliches geändert, bis auf die Kleinigkeit der Kleinheit der Spieldarstellung, die ja hardwaremäßig bedingt ist. Auch wenn alle Spielteile, aufgrund der hervorragenden Qualität der LYNX-Konsole, sehr gut zu erkennen sind, so ermüdet diese Darstellungsart doch erheblich, so daß sie, gekoppelt mit der Spielidee, leicht zu einem längeren Winterschlaf führen kann.