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It's 2032. The planet is now ruled by the World Coalition Government which annexed 80% of the countries, with the remaining quickly dragged into the WCG. While their official goal was to solve humankind's problems, it was about money. Massive spending bankrupted poorer countries, and soon all traces of individual government disappeared. For those who were poor, the situation didn't improved one bit, and for the richer, maintaining the status was done at the expense of their privacy and personal freedoms. To make things worse, life outside the major cities, far from the atmosphere processors is nearly impossible, as the so-called "Wilderness Preserves" are poisoned, and those who venture into them risk a painful death.

Konoko, fresh out from TCTF (Technology Crimes Task Force, a secret police to take cyber drugs and weapons from the streets, as well as explore the induced technophobia to operate and investigate on a blank check permission) academy is placed under the command of Terrance Griffin and Dr. Kerr and linked to a SLD - an android - called Shinatama, who is neurally linked to her. However, Konoko knows next to nothing about her past, other that she was orphaned at the age of three and felt "different" to other people while was being brought up under the wing of TCTF. After many years in training, she has finally the chance to prove herself to Griffin and the TCTF, and so, heads for a warehouse rumoured to be under the control of the Syndicate, a criminal organization which grew exponentially after a young man called "Boss Muro" climbed to the top of the organization.

Inspired by the classic Anime series Ghost in the Shell by Shirow Masamune, gameplay is a mix between generic third-person shooter and a classic beat'em up. While Konoko has at her disposal several hand-to-hand acrobatic moves (with more unlocked as the player advances), she can also find weapons in the levels, and the decision to go armed or bare-fisted is only up to the player. Each weapon either draws from ballistic or energy cell clips, the number of rounds in each clip depending on the weapon: a Black Adder (a short, one-hand machine gun like an Uzi) can get 30 rounds from a ballistic clip, while a Mercury Bow (a sniper railgun sans scope) only two. Combined with the limited availability of clips, this adds a strategic element to the game, as the player can only carry a weapon at a time, so if a powerful weapons runs out of ammo, the player must choose between keeping the weapon and fight hand to hand with the enemies until Konoko finds fresh ammo clips, or discard it for a lesser gun that uses different ammo. However, if the player runs out of ammo completely when facing a tough challenge, Konoko can "overdose" on hypo sprays (used to heal damage) by using them over her natural health bar, which provides her with faster movement and tougher blows.


Oni Windows TCTF agents help Konoko in a firefight with Syndicate Strikers
Oni Windows Konoko confronts Muro's master ninja Mukade, who can't resist spouting vaguely sinister cryptic gibberish at her
Oni Windows Konoko's first boss 'battle' against the Deadly Brain
Oni Windows Konoko battles Konoko. How existential can you get?

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Oni Wallpaper
Oni Render
Oni Render
Oni Render


Alternate Titles

  • "奥妮" -- Simplified Chinese spelling
  • "Они" -- Russian spelling
  • "Aoni" -- Simplified Chinese title

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User Reviews

Two distinct genres that work well as a hybrid. Windows Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe (1686)
Probably the most entertaining game I ever played Windows Slug Camargo (589)
An excellent game w/ a couple of faults Windows JMoore (6)
Oni, while not as great as it could have been, is a very good game Windows ududy (59)
First game of this type that I ever finished. Windows jlebel (2207)
Interacting with terminals: the game! PlayStation 2 Asinine (1006)
A very engaging game that blends hand to hand combat with gunfighting. Windows DS___ (8)
Great potential, complete flop. Windows Tomer Gabel (4643)

Critic Reviews

Gaming Target PlayStation 2 May 15, 2001 8.9 out of 10 89
Gameplay (Benelux) Windows Jan 31, 2001 80 out of 100 80
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) Windows Jan 22, 2001 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars 80
IGN Macintosh Jun 10, 2002 8 out of 10 80
Power Unlimited PlayStation 2 Apr, 2001 78 out of 100 78
PC Games (Germany) Windows Feb, 2001 77 out of 100 77 (UK) Windows Feb 08, 2001 7 out of 10 70 Macintosh 2002 3 out of 5 60
GamePro (US) PlayStation 2 Jan 31, 2001 2 out of 5 40
The Game Hoard PlayStation 2 Feb 07, 2018 2 out of 7 29


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A three-part comic miniseries based on Oni was published by Dark Horse Comics in early 2001. A special #0 preview issue was included with the March issues of GamePro and Gamer's Republic magazines.


Oni was originally intended to be multiplayer, but the designers dropped this when they couldn't get the game engine to perform fast enough over a net connection. There are remnants of the lost multiplayer option in the finished version. The manual still describes the other characters' various strengths and special moves, and once the player has beaten the game (or hacked a certain file), they can play as characters other than Konoko.

Gathering of Goodness

In the American edition of Oni, mailing back the registration card entitled the player to receive a Gathering of Goodness CD that contained patches, demos and movies of upcoming Gathering of Developers games plus a bunch of special god games content.


"Oni" is Japanese for ghost or demon.

Information also contributed by Roger Wilco, Terok Nor and Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe.

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