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Did we even need a sequel to Quake 2? Medicine Man (374) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
This game puts the “whore” in “war-gasm”, because you can't spell “stupid” without “id” lasttoblame (427) 2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars
Does nothing new, but does it good. Dakota Bob (77) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
Can we say "$hit" in mobygames? MichaelPalin (1420) 1.57 Stars1.57 Stars1.57 Stars1.57 Stars1.57 Stars
Meh. The Best is the Enemy of the Good. null-geodesic (243) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars
It just grows old very fast phorque (147) 1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars
This game gives the Quake Series a bad name..Multi-player wasn't too bad.... DudeOfMonson (118) 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.5
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.2
Overall User Score (78 votes) 3.6

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Quake II easily wins 5 stars overall. It is the most incredible game I’ve ever played and is definitely the best game this year. Considering that I generally don’t like 3D shooters because I feel they’re too limited and overall quite boring, I was truly amazed by Quake II. It was able to immerse me into the game in a way no other game has done before. Every detail looked and sounded perfect. The controls were simple and effective and the gameplay totally consuming — definitely an excellent sequel to a popular original. In my opinion, Quake II is the best 3D shooter ever made. One thing is for sure, 3D games just got a whole lot better!
All in all, the game is great. Imagine Doom 3, but more fun, more diverse, and with more multiplayer, and you have a pretty good idea of what Quake 4 will play like. Raven did a good job of making this game available to a lot of types of gamers, as if has solid single-player and multi-player modes. This game will surely be known in the future as a benchmark for gaming. I highly recommend this game to FPS players of all ages (above the age of 17, of course!).
PC Action (Dec 16, 2005)
Quake 4 ist ein Hammerspiel. Wer etwas anderes behauptet, den kann ich trösten: Es muss ja nicht jeder Ahnung von Ego-Shootern haben. Was Activision der USK-16-Version angetan hat, sollte allerdings nicht unter 20 Stockschlägen bestraft werden: Nur die deutsche Version von Soldiers of Fortune 2 mit Robotern in einer Parallelwelt war schlimmer. Man hätte besser versuchen sollen, mit weniger großen Einbußen eine 18er-Freigabe zu erwirken. Nichtsdestotrotz ein Ego-Shooter der Extraklasse.
PC Games (Germany) (Oct 24, 2005)
Manche Spiele haben einen guten Einzelspielermodus, dafür ist der Mehrspieler eher lau. Andererseits haben Mehrspieler-Titel selten einen gelungenen Story-Modus. Quake 4 (dt.) vereint beides in einem äußerst gut aussehenden Paket. Dass eine buchstäblich einschneidende Sequenz, die "Stroggifikation", in der deutschen Version nicht enthalten ist, schmälert das Vergnügen. Schließlich diente die Szene hauptsächlich dazu, sich in die Rolle von Matthew Kane hineinzuversetzen. Dennoch: Quake 4 (dt.) ist neben F.E.A.R. der Höhepunkt des Shooter-Jahres.
The Quake formula has reached a level of refinement and polish in this offering that few series ever do. Old-school FPS fans and gamers looking to get back to the roots of online fragathons will undoubtedly find a lot of love in Quake IV, and the game has perhaps fewer flaws than any I've ever reviewed. On the flip side of the coin, though, this is one of the least innovative titles I've ever played. Now, let's just hope that the soon-to-be-released SDK propels some mod makers into integrating the fantastic core mechanics with some new ideas.
Softpedia (Oct 20, 2005)
Being just a sequel, I wasn't expecting a great game. I thought the engine will be limited in outdoor environments and I didn't give it too much credit. Raven Software managed somehow to defeat all these problems and deliver a fast paced game with a lot of fun and great potential. You may consider it "Call of Duty in the future with a Doom 3 engine, Quake 2 characters and a personal flavor".
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 29, 2005)
De vierde Quake bevat geen verrassingen, maar wel het beste van wat het Quake-universum te bieden heeft.
Gamigo (Oct 23, 2005)
Raven Software und id Software haben mit Quake 4 eigentlich die fast perfekte Mischung der Vorgänger veröffentlicht. Ein spannender und herausfordernder Single-Player im Stile von Quake 2, und ein wieder sehr guter Multiplayer im Stile von Quake III lassen stundenlangen Spaß aufkommen. Einzig die zwischenzeitlich recht dünne Geschichte mag Single-Player Fans ein wenig die Suppe versalzen, aber das tut der Action beleibe keinen Beinbruch, weshalb der Spaß durch das Ballern hier immer gegenwärtig bleibt.
Quake IV is a solid, extremely sound FPS that delivers exactly what you would expect. Sadly, I hoped for a bit more, but I did enjoy what is here - especially the fast-paced multiplayer. Fans of Quake will not be disappointed, just don't expect anything revolutionary.
Ultimately Quake 4 falls a little short of living up to its considerable hype, but that certainly doesn’t preclude it from being a game you should own, and preferably on PC (see system specs) if you have the machine to run it. It certainly doesn’t require a monster SLI rig, and if your machine runs Doom 3 smoothly you’ll be fine here. Unfortunately the frame rate doesn’t fair nearly as well in the Xbox 360 version. As with any FPS, the perspective really demands a perfectly smooth frame rate (whether 30 or 60) to be effective. The X360 Quake 4 stumbles too often and it cuts into the quality of the experience.
Game Watcher (Nov 11, 2005)
To conclude; Quake 4 is worthy of its name. Most of this is because of the fun single player campaign, but the multiplayer should not (and will not) go unnoticed. Its biggest downside is the high system requirements, but nothing's stopping you from playing on 640x480, is it? If you're an FPS fan then you can't afford to skip this fine product. Even if you're like me, and play an FPS every decade or so, take a whack at it, you'll probably like it.
PC Powerplay (Dec, 2005)
Grundsätzlich ist die Redaktion in zwei Lager gespalten. Während die eine Fraktion die mangelnde Innovation, die bescheidene Gegner-KI und das Leveldesign bekrittelt, pocht die andere Gruppe darauf, dass es bei Quake nie um diese Punkte ging, und dass der vierte Teil das Prinzip des bombastischen Simpel-Shooters gekonnt umgesetzt und perfektioniert hat.
Playback (Dec, 2005)
Co jest wartego uwagi w Q4? Niesamowicie wysoka grywalnie radosna rzeźnia. Jak już wcześniej wspominałem, archaizm tej gry wcale nie przeszkadza w czerpaniu z niej przyjemności, oczywiście jeśli nie jesteśmy nastawieni na FPS nowej generacji. Ot, można sobie miło postrzelać w ładnym otoczeniu, do ładnych przeciwników. Zbliżając się ku końcowi tegoż tekstu należy podsumować tę grę raz jeszcze. Radosna wyżynka rodem z zeszłej epoki to nie to, czego moglibyśmy się spodziewać po Ravenie (id owszem, vide DooM 3). Jeśli preferujecie coś innego od strzelania rodem z Serious Sama, radzę zastanowić się nad kupnem F.E.A.R. , tym bardziej, że najnowszy Quake kosztuje 250 złotych...
IGN (Oct 13, 2005)
It's a curious direction that Quake 4 has taken this time around, with the heavy emphasis on single-player, apparently at the development cost of multiplayer, previously its very selling point. And while the SP production values are certainly expensive-looking and sounding, the actual combat mechanics feel a step behind the evolution of the genre, and not in an intentionally retro way.
Gameguru Mania (Oct 28, 2005)
Overall, Quake 4 is a good game but not revolutionary in any way. The gameplay is just fun, and as classified, Highly Addictive. Wait until you can pick it up for $25-$30, and it will be worth it.
ActionTrip (Oct 25, 2005)
Overall Quake 4 was an enjoyable single player experience. I found that as I got further into the game, the more enjoyable it became, with just a few exceptions. Raven has done a great job of game pacing and fans of the original games (as well as newbies) should be happy with this new chapter in the Quake universe. While the game is not perfect, its good features greatly outweigh the negative. Throw in a multiplayer experience which is essentially a graphically updated version of Quake III Arena and your got a worthwhile purchase. Unfortunately I could not play the online portion of the game because my connection to the internet is still flat as a pancake (Thanks again Comcast!!!). Quake 4 helped me forget that I had no connectivity. So in a way, I should not feel bad I am still shelling out money to a cable provider for an internet connection that is currently not connected. Talk about irony.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2005)
Quake 4 ist wahrlich kein schlechtes Spiel. Aber es ist auch kein überragend gutes. Alienvernichtung kann ich verkraften, das gehört zur Serie wie die Butter aufs Brot. ich kann auch Klischees verkraften. Die gehören (leider) zum Genre. Aber dem Programm fehlt einfach die Seele. An keiner Ecke, zu keiner Sekunde spüre ich die Liebe der Programmierer. Es ist, als hätte Raven Software, primär Auftragsentwickler, lediglich eine To-Do-Liste von id stupide abgearbeitet. Ideen? Keine vorhanden. Selbst in den großen Momenten wirkt Quake 4 staubig, abgegriffen und uninspiriert.
GameSpy (Oct 22, 2005)
Whether you should pick up Quake 4 depends on what you're looking for in a shooter. If you're looking for a single-player game that can compare to games like Halo and Half-Life, well, that's never been what Quake has been about. Call it 2005's answer to Unreal 2, another game that mashed together a ton of solid sci-fi shooting but never gelled into anything particularly groundbreaking or memorable. But as a fan of old-school deathmatch and CTF, I'm quickly finding myself hooked on Quake 4's multiplayer, so much that it's arguably worth the price of admission on its own. You're really getting two games in one package with Quake 4, and it's a game I suspect will eventually find its way onto many hard drives over the next year.
TTGamer (Oct 21, 2005)
The problem with Quake 4 is that, for the most part, the single player mode suffers from the same simplicity as Doom 3 - random shooting through a maze of "appeasing-at-first, but-boring-after-the-100th-time" environments. With traditional Quake style weapons (and a new "Dark Matter Gun"), new enemies and (only slightly) different environments, at times it can feel more like a mod for Doom3 than a brand new game, but the improved squad combat (albeit less than comprehensive) and vehicle control do at least bring some new structural enhancements to the fray, and when you factor in a multiplayer mode in the style of Q3A, in an overall sense you do get a reasonably unique experience with Quake 4, just don't expect it to "wow your world", this is really one for the hardcore Quake fans or gamers who just want some old fashion mindless action.
UOL Jogos (Oct 28, 2005)
Por isso, nesse caso vale a máxima: "quando se pode ser melhor, ser bom já não é suficiente". Então, a mesma sensação de que faltou algo deixada por "Doom 3", repete-se agora em "Quake 4". Os antigos fãs da série correm um risco maior de se frustrar, principalmente se estiverem esperando por algo à altura dos antecessores, mas quem gosta de atirar, sem muito papo, se divertirá do início ao fim.
80 (Dec 14, 2005)
QII-lovers will appreciate the singleplayer part of Q4 since it pays respect to the familiar and straight-forward, though very entertaining gameplay. The multiplayer is a different issue and actually something you won't get enthusiastic about. It is way too standard and if you already own Quake III (: Team Arena) not worth the effort. In spite of the nostalgic feelings nobody can deny that the impact of this fourth Quake-installment is much less than the other games. The graphics keep things fresh and the game still remains decent, but the credit of Raven, and especially of id, is decreasing more and more. It is time for a game which scores in all areas (sp and mp) and that dares to innovate. That doesn't necessarily mean that devs should start going in the HL or Far Cry direction. No, doing your own thing remains important and nobody knows that better than id themselves.
3DAvenue (Oct 21, 2005)
The problem with Quake 4 is that, for the most part, the single player mode suffers from the same simplicity as Doom 3 - random shooting through a maze of "appeasing-at-first, but-boring-after-the-100th-time" environments. With traditional Quake style weapons (and a new "Dark Matter Gun"), new enemies and (only slightly) different environments, at times it can feel more like a mod for Doom3 than a brand new game, but the improved squad combat (albeit less than comprehensive) and vehicle control do at least bring some new structural enhancements to the fray, and when you factor in a multiplayer mode in the style of Q3A, in an overall sense you do get a reasonably unique experience with Quake 4, just don't expect it to "wow your world", this is really one for the hardcore Quake fans or gamers who just want some old fashion mindless action.
GameSpot (Oct 18, 2005)
While Doom was the game that would make id Software a gaming-household name in the early '90s, over the years, the company shifted its focus away from the Doom games. As PC hardware and 3D acceleration became better and better, id became much more focused on engine development. Those engines were the underlying technology that powered the games in the Quake series, which began in 1996. Quake was among the first PC first-person shooters to let you take your multiplayer matches onto the Internet, and over the years, the series has become synonymous with great technology and exciting multiplayer. Now, in 2005, the roles of id's games have reversed a bit. The company's most recent engine is the one built for Doom 3, and Quake 4 runs on this same engine. Furthermore, Quake 4 wasn't even developed by id internally; it instead outsourced game development to the capable minds at Raven Software, who have turned in a fantastic-looking game with a great single-player campaign.
1UP (Oct 18, 2005)
In the six years since Quake III: Arena established itself as a hardcore favorite in the cutthroat world of online shooters, much of the genre landscape has changed. Graphics, having reached new heights of shiny realism, now coax your rational disbelief; meanwhile, characters and narration provide the backbone for every first-person shooter on the market. In our post-Half-Life and Halo years, ingenious A.I., for either friend or foe, has become a mandatory expectation in single-player campaigns. And then there's the chaos factor for good measure: real-world physics, environmental damage, vehicles, and an open sandbox game design -- all of which combined becomes a full-spectrum FPS in 2005. Six years ago its prequel broke -- and then rewrote -- the rules; now, Quake 4 finds itself fighting to stay relevant in a brave new world.
Quake 4 is een raar geval. Het enkele spel is erg leuk, maar het multiplayerstuk is gewoonweg niet erg geïnspireerd – en dat voor een spel dat het genre op de kaart zette! We houden van de nonsense aanpak en het gebruik van de Doom 3-motor, maar conceptueel zit de meerspelersmodus nog in de vorige eeuw. Als je een beter ogende versie van Quake III Arena zoekt zal je niet teleurgesteld zijn, maar de toekomst van multiplayer shooters is dit niet.
78 PC Gaming (Dec 02, 2005)
The debate of whether something has to be original or innovative to be good I’ll leave for others to talk about, but in case of Quake 4 it just doesn’t feel entirely right to see so much we’ve seen before, only all in one game instead of ten. In that sense, Quake 4 is nothing special, nothing worthy of telling your grandchildren about, nothing you haven’t seen done at least once or twice before, and that is disappointing.
JeuxActu (Oct 31, 2005)
QUAKE 4 n’est pas indispensable, c’est une évidence. Il n’en reste pas moins un FPS agréable à jouer, avec une bonne ambiance et de nombreux passages réussis. Si la transformation du héros n’est finalement qu’un épiphénomène sans réelle incidence, le jeu n’est reste pas moins bien supérieur dans tous les domaines à Doom 3, sans que ce dernier soit toutefois une réelle référence du genre. Si vous aimez les FPS à ambiance et ne craignez pas d’être parfois spectateur, QUAKE 4 vous amusera. Il reste un bon jeu même si le prestige de son appellation aurait pu nous faire espérer bien mieux.
74 (Nov 09, 2005)
Die Action ist gut und aufregend, aber bei weitem nicht spektakulär, was vor allem an den hirnlosen Gegnern liegt, die, egal in welcher Variation, keine Zeichen künstlicher Intelligenz zeigen, durch die Bank zur Kategorie »Kanonenfutter« zählen und nur in größeren Gruppen wirklich gefährlich sind. Sorry, aber ich bin durch F.E.A.R. mittlerweile echt verwöhnt. Im Vergleich dazu ist Quake 4 nämlich wirklich ein laues Lüftchen - selbst auf der Xbox 360, die ja gegenwärtig noch nicht mit guten Shootern überhäuft wird. Wenn ihr auf einen Spannungsbogen à la Doom 3 steht, dann werdet ihr mit Raven Softwares neuestem Shooter glücklich werden. Solltet ihr aber eher der Mehrspielerfraktion angehört, dann lasst die Finger von der dt. Version von Quake 4: die ist zu der internationalen nicht kompatibel, wodurch Internet-Matches ausgeschlossen sind. Und so seid ihr die auf Hand voll deutscher Server angewiesen, auf denen gegenwärtig ziemlich genau nichts los ist.
Playfuls (Oct 25, 2005)
I can’t really say that I’ve hated the game, but I haven’t felt that great playing it either. Quake 4 is certainly above average, but it’s clearly not The Game everyone’s been expecting. Its first moments are pleasant and push you to go on. Solid weapons, cool sounds (the voices, the enemy’s roars and the gunshots are delightful), the killing frenzy had awakened the beast within me and I thought that I won’t be able to calm it down. Unfortunately, all these pros are nothing compared to the multitude of cons, which I’ve gathered here so that the reader will be able to better understand what I’m talking about.
70 (UK) (Oct 21, 2005)
It's only when you sit back and run through what's there you actually realise that there's not a lot of substance to Quake 4, beyond being very pretty indeed. We were hoping for rather more than a 'competent', 'fun' shooter out of Raven. Those words just sound insulting when you sit them next to the words 'Quake' and '4', and perhaps that sums up just why we think it only deserves a 7, and a low one at that. Shame.
GamerDad (Jan 31, 2006)
Quake 4 treads too much familiar ground. By making a game that is graphically excellent and advanced, Raven has only further focused attention on the dated feel of the gameplay. Despite intense action and an engaging story, something is missing. That something is a sense of cohesion and purpose. It's no longer enough to run through a game shooting everything in sight, waiting for the door to turn green so you can move to the next room. The juxtaposition of beautiful graphics, wonderfully done characters and interactions next to old-school run-and-gun 'one against the massing hordes' action is a poor contrast that creates some intense excitement, but ultimately leaves you cold.
CanardPC (Oct 26, 2005)
Raven Software rend une copie appliquée mais sans trop d'inspiration. Au vu de la concurrence directe, difficile de le conseiller uniquement pour son mode solo, correct mais pas inoubliable. Si le jugement paraît sans appel, Quake 4 demeure incontournable dans le domaine du shoot multijoueur furieux, en espérant que les légers changements attirent suffisamment de joueurs et moddeurs à long terme. À 60 €, la facture est quand même un peu salée et le manque flagrant d'innovations peine à se faire oublier.
70 (Mar 06, 2006)
Développé par les Texans de Raven , habitués des moteurs d’ID Software (on se souvient de Jedi Knight 2 et Soldier of Fortune 2), ce nouvel épisode de Quake a la lourde tâche de prendre le relais de ses illustres ancêtres. Sur le papier, il a tout d’un grand : le magnifique moteur de Doom 3, l’équipe d’Id Software qui surveille de près le projet, et une exposition médiatique très modérée. On pouvait donc légitimement attendre une belle surprise. Test d’un jeu sans trop d’Id…
If Civilization IV is the gaming equivalent of a bowl of Wheaties--good and good for you!--then Quake 4 is like a big, tooth-decaying bowl of Cap'n Crunch, with maybe an extra helping of sugar and a doughnut on top. You know you should not like this stuff. You know you can do a lot better. And yet, despite the damage you know it must be doing to your insides, and to your moral fiber, you keep on shoveling it down anyway, because it's just so damn good. Such is the case with Quake 4, id Software's latest entry in its blockbuster shooter series, which offers nothing particularly new or innovative, and yet still manages to entertain because sometimes retro and dumb and obvious is exactly what we want--especially when it's done as slickly and professionally as it is here.
Absolute Games ( (Oct 30, 2005)
Tак исчезают легенды. Серия, некогда ставшая синонимом новаторского подхода к созданию экшенов, выродилась в шаблонную «бродилку», далекую от сегодняшних стандартов. Покидая планету киборгов, мы запомним орды деревенских дурачков в роли монстров, коридоры, где нельзя заблудиться, и поток ЦУ от начальства, подсказывающего, куда ступать безмолвному подчиненному.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Oct 21, 2005)
Till slut kan man väl bara säga att om man dyrkar Quake 2, är detta precis rätt spel att införskaffa. Tung action som tar ungefär 8-10 timmar att ta sig igenom, och med ett flerspelarläge som försöker vara Quake 3 Arena utan att lyckas. Jag må låta negativ, men jag är besviken och uttråkad tyvärr, och det kan jag bara beskylla Quake 4 för.
Video Game Talk (Dec 04, 2005)
The single player game last about 10-12 hours on the default level, so you could add a few hours for the next step up in difficulty. It would have been even quicker if the load times weren't so painful. My 10,000 rpm Raptor took 45 seconds to 2 minutes to load each one of the 31 levels. As for any replay value, the multiplayer is not worth much of a look and the single player game doesn't offer anything new the second time around. Unless you are a Quake addict, wait for this title to hit the $25 - $30 mark to experience the single player game.
60 (Oct 21, 2005)
On a le droit de faire du classique, si on le fait bien. Or, Quake 4 ne fait qu'assembler des stéréotypes poussiéreux. Le gameplay est basique mais pourrait fonctionner s'il était bien présenté. On fera avec des armes classiques, une progression au rythme chevrotant ou encore une mise en scène de téléfilms. Je ne le cacherai pas, je me suis ennuyé en jouant à Quake 4. Même s'il compte des phases d'action réussies il nous impose surtout trop de longueurs. Allez hop, direction F.E.A.R.
Game Revolution (Nov 11, 2005)
But in typical Strogg fashion, Ravensoft has taken a long-dead game, Quake III, and retrofitted it with the cogs and gears of a new era. The result is more sad than monstrous, a beast you'll put down not with hate, but pity. You'd be far better served dipping into the likes of F.E.A.R. than treading down this overgrown path again.