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The adventures of Dizzy, the egg-shaped hero of the Yolkfolk. Designed by the Oliver twins (Andrew and Philip), Dizzy became one of the most recognizable characters in the European video game industry of the late 80s thanks to several games released for the ZX Spectrum and 16-bit computers.

Today, players create their own "Dizzy games", using a dedicated set of tools, named DizzyAGE found at


According to the magazine Retro Gamer (issue #2), there were plans to make an animated TV show out of the series in 1992, but it fell through because partner Hanna-Barbara thought the character was not popular enough worldwide.


In 2012, the Oliver twins started a Kickstarter for a new Dizzy game titled Dizzy Returns. The £350,000 goal fell short with only 839 backers pledging £25,620 and thus this planned return of Dizzy was ultimately scrapped.


Crapshoot - A humorous retrospective of the series

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