Takeshi Miyaji

aka: T. Miyaji, 宮路 武
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Takeshi Miyaji (宮路 武, December 22, 1965 - July 29, 2011) was a programmer, game designer, and producer, as well as one of the founders of both Game Arts and G-mode. He started his career at ASCII at the age of 15; in 1984 he left ASCII to establish Game Arts along with his brother Yoichi and several other ASCII staff.

He left Game Arts in 2000 to establish G-mode, where he served as the company's CEO until his sudden passing in 2011 due to complications from surgery for a brain tumor.

Credited on 20 games

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Kuukiyomi: Consider It (2018, Nintendo Switch) Special Thanks - Original "KUUKIYOMI" Staff (In Japanese Order)
Monster Rancher EVO (2005, PlayStation 2) Special Thanks
Grandia II (2001, Windows) Producers
Silpheed: The Lost Planet (2000, PlayStation 2) 3d Engine
Gungriffon Blaze (2000, PlayStation 2) Producer
Gungriffon II (1998, SEGA Saturn) Directed by (監督)
Grandia (1997, SEGA Saturn) Executive Director (監督)
Gungriffon (1996, SEGA Saturn) Director
Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends (1994, SEGA CD) Coordination Assistant (進行補佐)
Wing Commander (1994, SEGA CD) Game Arts
Silpheed (1993, SEGA CD) Director
Gyuwambler Jiko Chūshinha 2: Gekitō! Tokyo Mahjongland-hen (1992, SEGA CD) Director (ディレクター)
Lunar: The Silver Star (1992, SEGA CD) Japan Team
Alisia Dragoon (1992, Genesis) Special Thanks
Tenka Fubu: Eiyū-tachi no Hōkō (1991, SEGA CD) Director (ディレクタ)
Gyuwambler Jiko Chūshinha: Katayama Masayuki no Mahjong Dōjō (1990, Genesis) Directed by
Zeliard (1990, DOS) Special Thanks To
Faria: A World of Mystery & Danger! (1989, NES) Director
Silpheed (1986, PC-88) Game design team (Chief designer)
Scope On (1983, MSX) Programmer

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