Robin Chapman

aka: Rob Chapman
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Graphics on the following:* Aftershock for Pc 8512 (Interceptor Micros) Programmer Terry Greer. * Cerberus, Amstrad 464 (Interceptor Micros) * Into the Eagle's Nest, Speccy/C64/Amstrad (Interceptor Micros) 464/664/AtariST/Amiga500. * Joe Blade 1 (Colin Swinbourne programmer.) Very good friend. (The only guy I've ever met who is not only good fun but can also program a ZX spectrum without a compiler,(thinks machine code.)

PS. We both started at Interceptor Micro's. And can hold his drink ;-) * Galdregons Domain, AtariST/Amiga. (I'm not go'in too deeply into this one (Bad blood !!!!,Programmer couldn't deal with graphics conversion. nuff said.) * Cadaver (First one.) Bitmap Bros. ST/Amiga. * Stormball ST/Amiga (Logotron Entertainment Ltd.) * Global Effect ST/Amiga (Logotron Entertainment Ltd./Millennium). * DefCon 5 PC/PSOne(Millennium Interactive, now S.C.E.E. - Intro sequence (which incidentally was ballsed up by a particular jobs-worth (you know who you are AK.).

Credited on 17 games

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Beast Wars: Transformers (1997, PlayStation) Artists
Defcon 5 (1995, SEGA Saturn) Introduction Modelling
Brutal Sports Football (1994, Amiga CD32) Graphics
James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod (1993, Amiga CD32) Millennium Logo animation by
Global Effect (1992, Amiga) Graphics and Artwork
Cyber Empires (1992, Amiga) Graphics
Daughter of Serpents (1992, DOS) Character Generator Graphics
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1991, Amiga) Graphics
Stormball (1991, Atari ST) Graphics
Cadaver (1990, Amiga) Title and Object Graphics
Death Bringer (1989, DOS) Graphics by
Joe Blade (1988, Atari ST) Graphics
Into the Eagle's Nest (1987, Commodore 64) Graphics by
Space Station Oblivion (1987, Amstrad CPC) Computer Art
After Shock (1986, Amstrad PCW) Graphics by
Cerberus (1986, Amstrad CPC) Graphics by
Tales of the Arabian Nights (1985, Amstrad CPC) Translation to Amstrad by

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