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game cover GAME: Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer (1988)
AKA: Microprose Pro Soccer, MicroProse Soccer
Commodore 64 (1988), Amstrad CPC (1988), DOS (1989), Atari ST (1989), ZX Spectrum (1989), Amiga (1989), Windows (2021)
game cover GAME: Microprose Sports CD Edition (1994)
DOS (1994)
GAME: MicroProse CD Jet Pack (1993)
DOS (1993), PC-98 (1994)
COMPANY: MicroProse (Alameda)
Spectrum HoloByte Inc. was founded in 1982 and incorporated in 1983 in the state of Colorado. After merging with Nexa Corporation in 1987, the company moved its headquarters to Alameda, California. The company eventually employed over 325 people and became successful in the development of games...
63 games documented, including Tetris Gold.
COMPANY: MicroProse Greensburg
Paragon Software Corporation, based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1985 by Mark E. Seremet and F. J. Lennon. The company's biggest successes were titles based on licenses from Marvel Comics and Game Designers' Workshop. Paragon had a long relationship with MicroProse Software, who...
19 games documented, including MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy.
game cover GAME: The Best of Microprose Strategy (June 1998)
DOS (1998), Windows (1998)
game cover GAME: Microprose Limited Edition: Civilization + Colonization (1994)
DOS (1994)
COMPANY: MicroProse-Spectrum HoloByte UK-Europe
AKA: MicroProse Software Limited, MicroProse Ltd., MicroProse-Spectrum HoloByte UK-Europe
MicroProse Ltd. was a studio of MicroProse Software Inc. and located in Chipping Sodbury, England. Publishing and distribution to European countries was also handled out of this location. In 1996, after Spectrum Holobyte acquired Microprose, the studio was renamed MicroProse-Spectrum HoloByte...
140 games documented, including Grand Prix II.
COMPANY: MicroProse France
1 game documented: Oriental Games.
COMPANY: MicroProse Software, Inc.
MicroProse Software, Inc. was founded by Sid Meier and Bill Stealey in 1982, after the two had met working at General Instrument, a large electronic component manufacturer. They shared a passion for games, and Meier would design the games while Stealey would take care of marketing and...
225 games documented, including Grand Prix II.
COMPANY: Micropress
1 game documented: Horizons: Software Starter Pack.
COMPANY: MicroProse Japan K.K.
21 games documented, including Gunship 2000.
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