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Crack dot Com, co-founded by ex-id Software programmer Dave Taylor, and Jonathan Clark, released the brilliant cult classic Abuse but, due to bad financial decisions, went bankrupt. They left everything they had done on their second game called "Golgotha" to the public domain, and a group of gamers are finishing it.

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Abuse (1995 on Linux, DOS, Amiga...)

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October 22, 1998

Company announced it is going out of business and released all data & source code for its upcoming Win32/Linux video game title "Golgotha" to the public domain.

March 1996

Company incorporated and moved into a real office in Austin, Texas.

June 1994

Company started as a partnership between Jonathan Clark and Dave Taylor out of an apartment in Mesquite (Dallas), Texas.

Trivia +

The real meaning behind Crack: We wanted to call the company Crack because it meant neat things, like "crack development team", "crack of lightning," "crack the whip," and "games as addictive as crack". We appended the "dot Com" because it would trivialize trademarking the name and because it was self-referential.

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