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3D Realms Entertainment, Inc.


In 1994, Apogee Software, Ltd. created a new division, 3D Realms Entertainment, with the goal of developing 3D action games.

3D Realms' first title, Terminal Velocity (1995), developed by Dallas-area developer Terminal Reality, was an arcade-style, fast-paced fully 3D futuristic flight combat game. This was the first shareware game to get on the cover of a major gaming magazine (Computer Game Player -- now defunct). Next came Duke Nukem 3D (1996), the first 3D installment in the series.

Financially, 3D Realms was able to self-fund internal development of entire projects. In fact, 3D Realms has never had a game budget or used a spreadsheet for budget planning - they only had expense tracking.

Originally, Action Entertainment's 3D games were going to be published under the Apogee name. However, in late August of 1994, 3D Realms was born, and the four next-generation 3D games that Action had under production - Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood and Ruins: Return of the Gods (later cancelled), all of which used the Build engine - moved under the 3D Realms label.

On 6th May 2009 it was confirmed that the company had been closed down, but this was later corrected when it was announced 3D Realms would continue to exist, but with a small team. Most of the developers had been let go.


Cultic: Chapter One(2022)
Ion Fury (Physical Edition)(2020)
Wrath: Aeon of Ruin(2019)
Ion Fury (Big Box Edition)(2019)
Ion Fury (Founders Edition)(2019)
Ion Fury(2018)
Rad Rodgers(2018)
Rad Rodgers: World One(2016)
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour(2016)
Shaw's Nightmare II(2016)
Shadow Warrior Classic Redux(2016)
Bombshell (Digital Deluxe Edition)(2016)
Death Rally(2015)
Duke Nukem: Kill-A-Ton 2015 Collection(2015)
Raptor: Call of the Shadows(2015)
Word Rescue(2015)
Xenophage: Alien BloodSport(2015)
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold(2015)
Rise of the Triad: Dark War(2015)
Mystic Towers(2015)
Blake Stone: Planet Strike!(2015)
Math Rescue(2015)
3D Realms: Anthology - Steam Edition(2015)
3D Realms: Anthology(2014)
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure(2014)
Wacky Wheels(2014)
Crystal Caves(2014)
Monster Bash(2014)
Bio Menace(2014)
Major Stryker(2014)
Shaw's Nightmare(2013)
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition(2013)
Secret Agent(2013)
Realms of Chaos(2013)
Hocus Pocus(2013)
Balls of Steel(2013)
Duke Nukem 1+2(2012)
Shadow Warrior Complete(2012)
Duke Nukem Forever(2011)
Prey Mobile 3D(2009)
Arctic Adventure(2009)
Beyond the Titanic(2009)
Word Whiz(2009)

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